Spotify memory usage on an IPhone 5S issue

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I'm using an IPhone 5S with the latest version of IOS. I noticed that the available space on my phone was getting less and less. So, I went into the usage section of the settings to see if I could figure out what was taking up the memory. I saw that the free version of spotify that I'm using is taking up almost 800 MB. The app is only about 66 MB and I only have 3 medium size playlists. So I can't figure out why it is taking up so much space. Has anyone else had this issue? And if so how did you resolve it? Any ideas would be appreciated.





Submitted by ground024 on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The best way I have found to clear the cache with Spotify is to delete the app and then re-install from the app store. If you have a username and password from Spotify you should still have access to your playlists. The playlists are stored on Spotify's servers and tied to your login so once you re-install the app you need only login with your username and password to regain access to your playlists.