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I figured I'd start here since I use an IOS device. I am thinking about creating a YouTube channel. Is one able to do this from an iPad? How does one do a video for YouTube? Can a video be audio only? How does one create a YouTube channel? I am totally blind and partially deaf. I use an iPad with the latest IOS version. Wayne ScottThanks!



Submitted by Maanling on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hi Wayne

You can set up a youtube channel on your ipad. But you will need to go to the youtube website using Safari and probably need to request the desktop site. Once this is done, there will be options to make an account under the sign in link. You will need to fill in a form to provide info about your channel. So think about your channel name and a description of what your channel is about before you start.

Can a video consist of audio only? Well, with some video editing, technically its possible. But that defeats the purpose of youtube. The video mode on your ipad camera will record audio and image. Even if you are totally blind this is possible to a point. Use the front facing camera, hold your ipad away from your face and voiceover will tell you when your face is in view. Youtube video's get more views when there is a reasonable image with it versus a blank screen. To make it audio only you will need imovie . Its accessible with voiceover and allows you to split video from audio. But you will need to add a black tile or other logo as the image before imovie will export the file and, well, thats complicated and overwhelming if you have never made a video before. If you want to publish audio only, you are better off creating a podcast.

I am registered blind and have been making youtube video's for 10 years. Sight is now declining, but thanks to technology the quality of my video's isnt.

Hope this helps.

Greetings from the Netherlands.