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Hello everyone!!
well time fly, I don't believe it, it show that I am a member for a little over five months, and since I am a member the guy I live it is happy, he said I don't bitch so much while I am learning stuff thanks to you, my lady friend help a man without work and he is kind of stock with me alone in the day time.
and he was joking and he told me to say a big thanks to all of you he said life is nicer since ZI am on this group.
But I am not that bad, all with a smile.
look, I live in the meddle of no where in the meddle of Alberta Canada and 25 k away is stettler and we do have one pc shop and I am good friend with the owner, over the year we got to be chum, and when I ask him if I should take window ten, there is a offer that I think it is free for 3 month, and I should say I never purchase my pc new out of the box, that guy take all high quality part and he selle me a pc for 2 hundred dollars and he tells me that you have a better pc than the one you had when you first came to see me I had a seven hundred dollars pc from London drug.
so, he is not getting rich with me if you see what I mean right now I have a dell window seven and I got it for between 2 and 3 hundred dollars.
so when I ask him about this he told me look, I know what you do on your pc we know each other for over 8 years and you keep me in touch if your need changes and window ten will not do anything better than what you have so my suggestion is that you keep your cash and enjoy what you have and by the time this one become to old will deal with it when it happen, he said why looking for problems when you are super happy with what you have, you knowwhat I am saying.
so I trust him, a man with a lot of commun sens.
but for the people that use window ten, is it generally good or how do you feel about it?
My man at the shop was telling me just when I was about to go out of the store, he said my name and said, why don't you ask your group what they say, they are the best to tell you if 8it is worth the time, the work and so on.
and I said good idee I will do this for sure.
so sorry for the long letter thank you
and welcome to Dennis, I think he is a new member using window ten and I read his post I guess I will take this one as a negative responde so thank you again



Submitted by BlindPodcaster on Monday, May 2, 2016

I think you should stick with Windows 7 because I find Windows 10 confusing and narrator thinks there are buttons in the middle of the screen when it is just blank.

Submitted by david s on Tuesday, May 3, 2016


IS there something in Windows 10 that you really want or need? IF not an everyhing works fine on your current setup, don't make any changes. I upgraded to Windows 10 when the upgrade was free. I ended up removing it and reinstalling Windows 7. With WIndows 10, I found I could not tweak or customize like I could with WIndows 7.

So in a nutshell, as with IOS, if there is nothing wrong with what you have, don't upgrade.

HTH and good luck.

hello and good day!

You know what you have said show that you are down to earth and you don't do something just to keep up with the Jones as we say and you are right. the guy I live with , he is not blind and we have just the one pc and he was telling me just about word for word what you said and the guy Darrell that his father owns the only pc shop of high, meaning expensif stuff but he is a friend so, I am very super lucky since I moved from Edmonton to Red Willow, look it up on google I am honest, we have 2 street, 40 peoples and 16 houses and we are about 30 minutes I guess from Stettler, in Edmonton the store really abuse you money wise right, here, he always have some very expensive part right, they deal with big oil company right so, like this one that he built for me, a dell window seven, I got it for 2 hundred dollars, and he told me that my pc is way better than the one you get at London drug for800 dollars
and everyone is nice like him over here it is not just about money and he told me the same thing than you, he said I know your need and Greg's need, I know you for about 12 years, if it is not broken leave it alone!!! big smile but I told Greg I will for the fun of it ask the group see what a blind user think.
You were the first in my inbox, so I am saying thanks but if I have other people that gave me an opinion I want to say a big thanks to all of you I will read what you had to say for sure ok?
I am learning so much stuff since I am in this group it is incredible.
a big thanks to the people that keep this running, people like me in the meddle of nowhere, well a group like this is a blessing.
I will be asking maybe later or tomorrow because I just bought the latest 32 gb ipod touch I think I was told it is gen six, I was a bit upset that I never got to see the gen five, oh well so the siri from my mini ipad now has a girl friend, it is funny, I don't know if it is me but the siri from the touch to me seem to be way more sarcastic in a jokey way, Greg walk in and he goes who on earth are you talking to I was on the dec and I could ear you and a woman talking , I didn't know if I should go for a few hour or what I was laughing so much
ok sorry for the long letter every one.