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I am experiencing challenges with VoiceOver and the Yelp app so I wrote them to bring the issue to their attention. After just a couple days, I'm pleased to report that Charlotte, a member of their support team, personally responded to my report today saying they're aware of the problem and it's being worked on. Just thought I'd share a positive story of my experience with Yelp. Hopefully we get that fix soon.



Submitted by david s on Saturday, September 12, 2015


Why not do an app review here in applevis, then forward the link to them. This will let them know there is a community that appreciates the work they do to make the app accessable.

I suspect, like most developers, they don’t fully grasp the idea of accessability.

HTh and good luck.

Submitted by Luke on Saturday, September 12, 2015

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Just wanted to drop a quick update about my experience. Not really interested in doing a review but you go right ahead if you want. Its a good idea

Submitted by Luke on Saturday, April 23, 2016

Unfortunately, I am still having troubles with the latest version of the Yelp app for iOS. For some reason, it will not save my star rating. The consequence of this is, I might write a glowing review for a restaurant only to go back and find that I gave it three stars… Even though I actually gave it five stars. I try to edit my review and adjust the star rating, and still it appears with a rating of three stars no matter what I do. Finally, I tried clicking "update review" and I get an error message saying I cannot update my review and to try back later. What is this app, a total joke?