Translating Posts in Facebook iOS App

iOS and iPadOS

Hello to all,

I've been trying to figure something out in the iOS Facebook app and am wondering if anyone out there might have an answer. I will occasionally have posts from friends that are written in a different language, in my case in Arabic, and when VoiceOver finishes reading the post, it says "See Translation".

Now I would love to know how could I view the translation of this post? I've tried the two-finger double tap to view the options, went under the "More" options and still I can't figure out how to view the translated post. I believe that you can translate it via the Facebook website but I am guessing that if you wouldn't have the option to translate within the app, then you wouldn't hear VoiceOver say "See Translation" when VoiceOver is focused on the post.

Is there anyone out there that could shed some light on this? Would definitely appreciate it.




Submitted by Brian Tew on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I read the fb help on this a while back.
It said just click on "see translation."
What happens when you double tap with one finger on "see translation?"
I have not run across any non-english posts to play with yet.

Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

If I open the post, I don't see any translation. I know when I have a French post and open it, then I see the translation. Maybe Arabic isn't supported yet or Facebook's translation doesn't work with this language. For now, I just copy and paste the text into either Google Translate or the Microsoft Translator and do it that way.

I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't have to do it that way but ah well, what will you do?