my mac book air's hard drive failed

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I didn't think it was possible, but on Tuesday March 15, my hard drive on my 2011 MacBook Air failed. I had noticed the computer doing some very odd things lately. The first thing I noticed, was when I would turn the machine on and tried to log in, the little apple logo would just go around in a circle as if it were trying to find and read the operating system. It was most peculiar. This strange behavior went away. Then I noticed the computer would take about ten years to load data. It seemed to be getting slower and slower. Finally, the computer stopped being able to read the data on the hard drive all together. Now the machine won't even turn on. Luckily most of my data is stored in iCloud. Has anyone else experienced hard drive failure on a mac? For some reason I find this interesting. And kind of sad... But at least I got a good five years out of this mac.



hi. firstly, unless you have a very strange macbook air, it's not a hard drive. secondly, all storage has a limit. and SSD technology as is in macbook airs, has a limit of how much data writing / retreaving can be done. it might just be, that as the drive is now going on something like 4 plus years, you have simply used it up. it all depends on how much you've used the machine in the last years. if you've used it as a main computer, and transfered data on and off the drive a lot, that will use it up faster then if you used it lightly.
it might be a matter of sending it away to have the module replaced. don't know what that might cost you, but you should be able to talk to apple and find out.



Since your MBA is 2011, I would think it's no longer covered by Apple care? If it's still covered, call Apple.

If not, your choices just got bigger. You can have Apple, a local computer shop or do the work yourself or someone you know that's handy with tools. You can purchase the SSD from Mac Sales. In addition to the great how to videos, you can talk to someone on the phone or chat. For your MBA, check out this link.

I have very little usable vision but with some help, I was able to install an SSD on my MBP. If you really want to know your Mac, this is a great way to learn about hardware replacement.

HTH and good luck.

Before you do anything

Before you start throwing money away with DIY, you should take the Mac to either an Apple store or a local computer shop. They can diagnose the issue that the Mac is experiencing, and then, if necessary, you could either let them do the necessary hardware work, or, if you feel that you are prepared, you could do it yourself or request the help of another person.


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I think I'm just going to get a new mac instead. Even if I replaced the SSD I probably wouldn't have enough space to download xcode anyway, unless I purchase an SSD with more than 64 gigabytes.

You might be able to get some money back out of it

Even if you don't want to repair the hard drive yourself, all hope is not lost. You still might be able to make a few hundred dollars selling it for parts, especially now that third-party SSDs are available for that model. Good luck!