Netflix streaming choices apple TV VS computer?

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Hello all As the subject says, I found some interesting issues when using netflix streaming on both internet explorer and on an apple tv and am wondering if others have found the same? I am currently signed up for the free monthly trial and when browsing results on the apple tv, each area only has 75 results no matter if they are tv shows or movies. When browsing online however, I seemed to have found a larger selection. For example, searching for ninja turtles on the apple tv yields nothing, while searching online brings up ninja turtles the next mutation which streams just fine and allows selection of episodes. Does netflix or apple perhaps limit content on certain devices? The resolution is set to auto in the apple tv settings, should it be set to 720 or 480 in order to display non hd content? If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I was definitely looking forward to many more choices on the apple tv than what is there now. I also don't mind using a pc but again, the whole idea here is to have an accessible version of netflix which I'd hope would include all streaming content available. Thanks Sincerely Jay



Submitted by Lisa on Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's perfectly normal for only 75 choices to show up. Whether you're watching netflix on the Apple tv, a play station, or other streaming box, you only get a certain number of results. You can, however, browse the website and add things to your instant queue, and then access them through the Apple tv that way. As far as searching goes, I don't know why you're finding things on the streaming website, and not on the Apple tv. While I only get 75 results when I browse, I have never had something not come up in a search, if it was available to stream on the website. I also keep my settings on auto. To my knowledge, no content is limited, but browsing has it's limitations.

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