switching podcast apps

iOS & iPadOS

Question. I've ben using the basic apple podcast app. and I am considering switching to either overcast, or down cast. I have two questions.
first, whitch should I choose? second, I realy don't want to have to hunt down each and every podcast, as I listen to a good number of them. how do I sink it so that all the podcasts I am subscribed to, will go in to the overcast, or downcast app?
thanks, love what everyone does.



Submitted by DPinWI on Saturday, February 20, 2016

First, may I suggest you consider the iCatcher app as well? I like it better than the other two.

I don't use the Podcast app, but what you are looking to do should be supported. See if you can find a way to export an OPML file. This is a listing of your subscribed podcast feeds. Once you have this file, you can import it into the podcatcher of your choice, and it will set up the feeds.