Garage Band Questions

iOS and iPadOS

Hi. :-) I recently downloaded Garage Band on both my ipad and iphone. Is there a way to record your keyboard directly to garage band. I've seen it done, but I'm not sure what is needed for it.

Also, is it possible to make a sound go from ear to ear, (pan from left to right)?



Submitted by Luke on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It is possible to record the audio of your keyboard, but you will need to purchase a class-compliant recording interface. This is a piece of audio hardware that provides you with audio inputs for microphones, instruments and other sound sources. The recording interface converts your sound sources into high-quality digital audio that can be recorded in GarageBand and other recording apps. They're are small, portable recording interfaces specifically designed for use with iOS devices, and many are very affordable these days. Look for offerings by PreSonus and Focusrite, both of whom strike a good balance of quality and affordability.

To pan a track from left to right in GarageBand, open settings and select "track." Use the pan setting to adjust it