The 1byone 3100mAh iPhone 6/6s Battery Charger Case

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This case is designed to provide protection to your phone while also giving you a battery back-up for your phone in case it goes dead. As someone who is on a budget and who found that the Mophie iPhone 6 case was too snug of a fit for my phone, I was looking for something cheaper and that would also work better with my 6S. This, for the most part, fits the bill, but there are a few draw-backs that you should be aware of.

<h3> Description</h3>
The 1byeone case with battery charger comes with the case itself, a micro USB cable to charge both your phone and case, a headphone extender plug, and 2 different types of borders that go around the case to secure the phone, and to also help prevent screen damage if the phone is dropped on its face. There are 4 lights on the back of the case, along with a button to turn the case's battery on. To put the phone in the case, simply slide the phone in, and then put one of the plastic borders around it. The border should fit nicely and will secure the phone itself. The plastic bumper is optional, but I've found the case feels more complete with one of the borders affixed to it.
.<h3> The Good</h3>The good news is that you will save a lot of money over the Juice Pack Air developed by Mophie, and that the 6S will not have to essentially be forced in to the case like it does with the Juice Pack air. This battery is also more powerful than the Juice Pack air. The Juice Pack Air's battery is rated at 2700 MAH, while the case developed by 1byone is rated at 3100 MAH. With the price of the Mophie case weighing in at $80, and the 1byone case coming in at $36 on Amazon, it seems from that point of view that this is a better deal. The other thing I do not care for with the Juice Pack Air is the slippery material the case is made out of. While there is a bumper type thing made out of rubber that goes on the Mophie, the case just felt very slippery in my hand. The 1byone case is not made from this slippery material. The few additional MAH with the 1byone case means that you get slightly more bang for half the dollar amount, and that you can charge your iPhone slightly beyond 100%.
<h3> The Draw-backs</h3>
There are a few draw-backs to this particular case. The first is rather subjective I suppose. When plugging the phone and case in, your phone charges before charging the case. Some people may find that beneficial, since it makes your phone charge faster, but I see this as a bad thing. This is because, with other cases, both the case and phone's internal battery are charging at the same time, so you can be fairly certain that once your phone charges, the case will also soon be charged. As there is no way for a totally blind user to check the amount of power available on the case itself, this presents somewhat of a challenge. That said, if you plug the device in at night, and leave it for 5 hours or so, both the case and phone will be ready to go.
The other draw-back is the headphone jack not being as exposed. Cases like the Mophie Juice Pack have an extender that you plug in to the case, and then plug your headphones in to the other end. While the 1byeone case did come with an extender, it did not reach through the case and could not plug in to the phone's 3.5 MM jack. If you're a bluetooth headphones person, this won't matter to you, but I'm old school in the sense that I still often use the standard 3.5 MM jack headphones. It saves battery, and doesn't suffer the lagginess bluetooth audio can with headsets. However, being that I live close to NYC, I was able to go to a shop in the city which had a cable that worked for this purpose, so we'll tack on another $7 to the price of the case. It's still a much lower cost than its Mophie counterpart.
<h3>The Bottom Line</h3>
In sum, if you are out to save some money and do not mind the minor draw-backs I listed above, this case may be for you. I've been using it for about 5 weeks now, and it has not failed me yet. I wish they had shipped me a headphone extension plug that worked with my case, but was able to replace that easily enough. I did contact the company, and they gave me 10% of the cost of this product back in Amazon credit. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this case. The few draw-backs make it well worth the much lower price.

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Submitted by KE7ZUM on Friday, November 13, 2015

Why not write a review on amazon to let peopel know about the issue with the4 headphone extender issue? I think you already did according to yoru review but just a thought.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Friday, November 13, 2015

How many times you can charge your phone before you need to re-charge the charger? I have a Bluetooth so the your problem with ear plugs does not apply to me.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Friday, November 13, 2015

Depending on what you do, could probably go all day with both then plug the phone in and the case in at night or probably just the case, maybe.

Take care.

Submitted by Scott Davert on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

I am able to get a bit more than 1 full charge out of the battery case. So that means it does slightly more than double the amount of time before you need to plug in the phone and case. Even after the case stops charging, which it will do once the charge has completed, you can hit the button again to get a bit more juice out of it.

Submitted by Reggie on Saturday, February 6, 2016

Question about this battery case. I cannot use my Apple cord to charge. It will not fit. Is this correct or is there a way to open the case to get to the lightning cable jack? I charged last night, but if I used all my power from the battery and the battery in the case I would not be able to plug in the phone and use it while it charges. Correct? Thanks for any help with this.

Hi Reggie.
You are correct that you cannot charge the phone independently by rremoving part of the case to access the lightning cable, but this case is set up to charge the phone before charging the battery in the case. Lightning calbes will not work with this case, but if you use a Micro USB cable, one should have been included with the case, you will be able to charge it anywhere you want on any power source that accepts USB. The only time this is not true is with some accessories that only work with lightning cables. It's also worth noting that after the case charges your phone completely, the pack will shut off conserving whatever internal battery remains. SO it is possible to press the button to get more juce out of it after you have completed charging your phone one time. I hope this helps.