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There is a book I want to read, it is not available in audio format. I used Overdrive via my county library system to download the ebook to my iPad. I choose the epub version because I knew it was something Voice Dream Reader would recognize. When I open the file my only option I's to open it in Overdrive. Is there way to open it in Voice Dream? Or at the least, can anyone tell me how to turn pages when Voiceover is running and I'm trying to have Voiceover read it to me from Overdrive? Thank you. a



Submitted by Frankd on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hello Betsy,
My local library does the same thing i.e. If the ebook is subject to copyright restrictions the only option is to use overdrive.
I use overdrive on my phone and don't.know if the iPad layout is different. I have found that for overdrive to work correctly the phone must be oriented in landscape mode.
I have not found a page navigation gesture but you can move forward and backward through the text in a chapter using a one finger swipe right and left. If you double tap the bottom part of the screen where vo says indexing you get some more options that include an adjustable percentage slider.
To have vo read the text do the usual two finger down swipe.
I have not had much success getting bookmarks to work and since overdrive does not seem to remember your last reading position within a chapter reading ooks with long chapters can be a bit tedious.

Submitted by Betsy on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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And thank you!

Submitted by The Piano Geek on Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fi folks. How do I load a new page when I do a say-all and the end of the current page is veached?Thanks.

Submitted by lelia on Saturday, July 7, 2018

Hi all, ok so I am new at using overdrive, I finally got an audio book yay!! But now I want to try to read an e book is there a way I can do that with my Braille display? Thanks