Humanware Brailliant braille display does not respond

Braille on Apple Products

Hi! I have a question for a friend of mine. I was going to try her braille display on my mac. I connected it through the USB, it first responded as usual, except that it was showing battery status instead of reading the screen. Then it simply stopped working We tried to press the start button and ejecting it and then connecting it again.
So I wonder what the problem could be and how to solve it? We are not trying to connect it via BlueTooth, but through the USB cable.
Anyone who has any idea, please help!

Your help would be greatly appreciated. My friend is in much need of her display since she is studying.

Best wishes,



Submitted by Paul Martin on Thursday, January 14, 2016

My vary first guess would be to make sure it says your channel is set to either USB or auto. Having it set to auto should not break things either as you indicate there are no wireless devices such as IOS connecting to it by mentioning battery level still being displayed. You can find out what the current value is by simply using the thumb key all the way to the right twice when you first power it on before any devices connect to it.