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Hi. I heard that people on iOS 8 and watch OS 1 had to update there phone to iOS 9 before updating there watch to watch OS 2 or there watch would not work. I did not have a watch back then. However, my phone is now on 9.0.2 because the latest iOS does not have a jailbreak. My watch came with watch OS 2.0.1 installed. iOS 9.0.2 and watch OS 2.0.1 seem to be working for me. My watch app is saying that there is a 2.1 update. Is it safe to update the watch and keep the phone on iOS 9.0.2? Also, how is watch OS 2.1 with VoiceOver? Thank you.



Submitted by Greg Wocher on Sunday, December 27, 2015

I just received my watch on Christmas eve. I am running iOS 9.2 on my phone. When I got the watch it had watch OS 2.0 on it. It told me I had an upgrade to version 2.1 of the software. Mine updated just fine. I did not lose any speech or anything of that nature. You should be fine. I will say it took a while to finish the update once it started. Once the software downloaded it took nearly another half an hour before it finished doing the update.

Greg Wocher