Offering to Test Paid Apps for Accessibility

iOS & iPadOS


I was just wondering how receptive app developers have been/would be to one of us asking them if we could test their paid apps for accessibility7. That way, we could both help the rest of the blind community and be able to test apps for ourselves without having to purchasew them and then find that they are inaccessible.

Indeed, is there any way we could get free versions of these apps from the developers, again, so we wouldn't have to pay for them, at least for testing?




Submitted by jack on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Seeing as completely giving the app away would be a security concern to devs, I will say Apple does have a refund system, but it is sketchy due to the fact you have to wait to have the money hand-refunded. Google's refund policy, while extremely time limited, is fully automated, and Apple could use this too for a quick neve mind if the app is inaccessible. On android, you buy the app, test it, and if it's not accessible, and you've figured it out in under 15 minutes, rather than an uninstall button in the play store, there is a refund button. The refund button will uninstall the app and completely refund your money. No worry, no hassle. Obviously they don't give you a second refund and the time is extremely inconvenient expecially for large apps, maybe 45 minutes would be a bit nicer? At this point, if you have found an app that is n't accessible, you can refund it within 90 days of the purchase.