netflix website issue with voiceover

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Hi all,
I am wondering if you are experiencing the same difficulties I am with Netflix. When I go and look at the website, with voice over on my iPhone, it shows me all the movies with a series of numbers and no titlesWhen I log in on my account to view the list of audio described content or even when I view popular movies or any other list of movies they have on the site all I get is links consisting of a series of 6 or 7 digit numbers that are links but there are no words to show the title of the movie or show. I have contacted netflix which does not seem to have a tech support center to speak with. I explained the problem and they suggested I use crome which did not work. They then said I should talk to apple. This I did with the answer that it is the website developers issue. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so how can I view the list of offerings by netflix effectively? I have also tried this with JAWS and a pc with no different results. Thanks for any help! Mike



Submitted by brandon armstrong on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

netflix despite what they say doesn't seem to care about blind people. I have a membership, but I am really considering canceling it, due to the fact that the website doesn't work at all on the mac, and the iOS app is okay at best, I'm sorry, but if this company can't make the website or the iOS app useable and very voiceover friendly, then I might just have to cancel my membership. their customer support doesn't even care if things are accessible or not, all they do is blow me off and say things like oh we're sorry about this. really? if you were sorry about accessibility for blind people both on the website and the iOS app, you would be fixing it and making both things voiceover friendly for us. I know others who are getting very tired of their lack luster responses when it comes to accessibility.

Submitted by Bryan Jones on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mike -- Are you attempting to do this in Safari on IOS? If you are running IOS 9, you can try using Safari's option called "Request Desktop Site." To do this, load the netflix website in Safari, login to your Netflix account, then open Safari's Share menu and choose "Request Desktop Site." On my iPhone 5S running IOS 9.01 this loaded a Netflix site where the video titles were properly labeled and I was able to navigate categories as headings and titles as links.

FTR, I personally use the Netflix IOS App rather than IOS Safari. The app is quirky but mostly VO accessible.

Submitted by Saqib on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hi. I'm experiencing the same and I've just canceled my membership as I don't feel that Netflix are doing enough when it comes to accessing their service. I do get a much better experience on the Apple TV but that just limits me to residing in the lounge for the duration of a movie and not being able to use Safari to browse movies has tipped me over the edge and I no longer want to deal with Netflix anymore. I'm a customer of Serotek and I can listen to movies as they have an relatively up to date database on current releases and Netflix don't have as much movies.