How to transfer mp3 audiobooks to iPhone using Jaws and iTunes on Windows

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I'm need help step-by-step instructions to add mp3 audiobooks to my library and transfer them to my iPhone using jaws 15 and iTunes 12 for Windows 7.
I'm totally lost and do not understand the layout at all. Please help.

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Submitted by Jim O on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

1st transfer them as you would with music. I am sure this procedure must be well documented elsewhere.
Then, in iTunes view your music by artist.
Scroll through until you find the audio book. If you have a large collection you can use "search" to help find it.
Press application key when the audio book is selected. arrow down to "get info", there is a shortcut key for this, ctrl+i.
iTunes will ask if you are sure you want to edit all items. Press enter on "Edit Items".
Next tab until you get to "Options" and press enter.
Now tab until you get to "Media Kind".
Under media kind you have a dropdown selection.
Press enter then arrow down and select Audio Book.
Tab again to "remember Playback Position" and make sure this is also ticked.
Now tab to "OK" and hit enter.
The mp3s associated with the audio book will now disappear from your music library and be moved to” Audio Books" within "Books".
Now you can choose to have audio books synched to your iPhone and when completed they should show up in iBooks on your iPhone.
Also note that in the iBooks app there is a button to choose what type of books it shows you. This needs to be either "Audio Books" or all.

Submitted by peter on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Connect your device to a Windows PC that has iTunes on it.

Using Windows Explorer, in your Music folder on the PC, there will be a folder entitled ""Automatically Add to iTunes".

copy your MP3 files there or a folder of MP3 files and they will be automatically transferred to your iOS device.

Note: If you move the files to this folder they disappear. so I if you want to retain a copy on your Windows PC copy the files rather than moving them.


Submitted by hautbois on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I migrated my iPhone 6 to IOS9 a few days ago, and I created a 4-digit numeric passcode so that I could link a credit card to my ApplePay account. When I unlocked my phone this morning, I received the message saying that my passcode must be changed within one hour. I have previously not used a passcode on my iPhones, since I had no financial information loaded - until now. One problem I had as a totally-blind user was that the voice-over prompting was VERY POOR in that it did not clearly indicate what I was expected to enter at any given point. After knocking around on the phone in an attempt to set an acceptable passcode, I finally gave up in frustration and turned off the darned passcode function. Of course, I saw the warnings saying that my credit-card info would be removed if I continued; but I was so annoyed by the need to change a passcode which was only a few days old that I decided I wanted to kill the passcode system until I can get a lot more information on ALL the requirements for the iPhone passcodes. During setup, I tried to enter my fingerprint, but I could not get it accepted. Knowing how "flaky" a fingerprint ID for me is, I certainly wouldn't want to depend on it to unlock my phone. (When I was fingerprinted for my job, the operator had trouble getting prints of high-enough quality for their electronic system, so I knew I couldn't depend on that system). So what is the "scoop" on the iPhone 6 passcode requirements under IOS9?

Submitted by simplon on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thanks everyone
I transferred book to the phone and found them in iBooks..

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I have iTunes 12.3 running on my Windows 10 machine with the latest BlindTunes script and tried to follow the steps described above; but when hitting "Edit Items", the App just seems to hang up. It writes "iTunes" somewhere in the middle of my Braille display but none of the various JAWS commands (JAWS+B, JAWS cursor, arrowing Escape, etc.) allows me to figure out what's happening on screen. Even the Alt+F4 key doesn't close the App. The only thing that's working as expected is Alt+Tab, allowing me to switch to another task running. And from there, to get iTunes unlocked, the only choice I have is to restart.
Does anyone have the same issue? Do I have to remove the BlindTunes script to get the issue solved?

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