Live Blog: Apple's September 9, 2015 'Hey Siri' Event

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Below is the AppleVis live blog for the September 9, 2015 special event. Information has been taken directly from the @AppleVis Twitter timeline, as well as quoted from the Twitter timelines of [Mac Rumors LiveLive]( Rumors Live). All external information is indicated as such with a source name, and all external tweets are in quotes.

Apple Watch

  • Tim Cook: Apple Watch customer satisfaction is 97%.
  • There are over 10,000 Watch apps in the App Store.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "AirStrip lets physicians see details on upcoming patients and get data like lab results right on their wrists."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Can get live cardiac waveforms and watch them over time using Time Travel in watchOS 2."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Can send HIPPA-compliant messages right to a patient's care team from the watch. It's all secure because it's still on the wrist."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Apple is partnering with Hermes for a new Apple Watch band collection."
  • New finishes available for Apple Watch: Gold, Rose Gold, and anodized Aluminum. Will be available at same price as rest of Sport lineup.
  • Space Black stainless steel Watch now available with a black Sport band.
  • Stainless steel Watch also available with a Product (RED) band.
  • New Watch models shipping today to 24 countries.
  • watch OS 2 to be released on September 16th


  • Apple announces the NEW iPad Pro.
  • iPad Pro screen is 12.9 inches diagonal.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "New iPad Pro is 12.9 inches diagonal. 5.6 million pixels."
  • Mac Rumors Live: 2732 x 2048 pixels. More pixels than a Retina MacBook Pro.'It's the most advanced display we've ever built.'"
  • iPad Pro has an A9X processor. 1.8 times faster than the A8X it replaces. "Desktop-class performance."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Graphics performance has doubled with the A9X over the A8X in the iPad Air 2."
  • iPad Pro is faster than 80% of the portable PCs that shipped in the last 12 months.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "iPad Pro will support Split Screen multitasking, was built for it."
  • iPad Pro will include a 4-speaker audio system. Left/right automatically balanced depending on device orientation.
  • iPad Pro has twice the audio volume level of an iPad Air 2.
  • iPad Pro just 1.5 pounds, 6.9MM thick.
  • Apple introduces the Smart Keyboard, exclusively for the iPad Pro.
  • iPad Pro will have a "Smart Connector" for power, data, and keyboard connections.
  • Apple introduces the Apple Pencil, a new drawing tool for iPad Pro.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "The Apple Pencil is pressure sensitivity with a ton of built-in sensors."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "When using the Pencil, the iPad detects position twice as fast. Pencil detects position, force and tilt."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "It charges via a Lightning connector on the bottom, which plugs into the iPad Pro."
  • Apple Pencil can be used with built-in apps in iOS; Notes, Mail (markup feature given as examples). New apps on from developers on the way.
  • iPad Pro to come in silver, gold, and Space Gray.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "iPad Pro, keyboard, and pencil will be available in November."
  • Mac Rumors Live: Pricing starts at $799, 32GB. iPad Pencil is $99, Smart Keyboard is $169."
  • Apple announces iPad Mini 4. Power and performance of iPad Air 2 in an iPad Mini package.

Apple TV

  • Over 60% of paid streaming TV video is consumed on an Apple device.
  • Interactions with the new Apple TV are via voice and touch.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Siri will search across multiple content apps and give all your viewing options on a single screen."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Apple TV includes an App Store. Interface looks similar to existing interface, but revamped and cleaner."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "New Apple TV has animated screen savers Apple created exclusively for the Apple TV. 'Stunning locations around the world.'
  • Siri seems very robust on the Apple TV. Has huge potential for #blind users with VoiceOver. ^MH
  • Mac Rumors Live: "If you ask Siri 'What did she just say?' Siri will skip back 15 seconds and temporarily turn on captions. Awesome!"
  • Mac Rumors Live: "'Show that Modern Family episode with Edward Norton' is an example of how you can search for content on the new Apple TV."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Siri understands contextual requests. 'Show me some action movies.' 'The James Bond ones.' 'Just the ones with Sean Connery.'"
  • MH: Sounds like the remote is touchscreen. Would expect a full set of customized VoiceOver gestures if the past is any indication.
  • New Apple TV operating system: tvOS; it's based on iOS.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "'The future of the Apple TV is apps.' We're talking about the Apple TV App Store and tvOS now, which is the new OS for the Apple TV."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "All of the Apple apps for the Apple TV have been redesigned, and there's now an Apple Music app."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Some developers have already been working on apps and games for the Apple TV. Hulu, Netflix, GBO, Galaxy on Fire, Rayman Adventures."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Multiplayer Crossy Road is coming to the Apple TV. Can play using iPhones or iPads as controllers."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "With Beat Sports, you can hold the Apple TV remote and move your arm to hit a ball. Remote has a built-in accelerometer to detect movement."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Gameplay looks a lot like a Wii game, with lots of swinging to hit balls back and forth."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Full HD video, streamed at 60FPS. Can click remote to get live data when watching TV broadcasts."
  • Developers can create universal apps; one purchase for access on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "New Apple TV is thicker than the existing model, with Power, HDMI, and Ethernet ports."
  • Apple TV will have a Lightning connector on the bottom.
  • 32GB Apple TV sells for $149, 64GB $199.
  • tvOS will be available for developers today.
  • The new Apple TV will be released in over 80 countries in October.


  • The new iPhones are named the "iPhone 6S" and "iPhone 6S Plus."
  • The new iPhones will be made of 7000-series aluminum.
  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus comes in silver, gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Incredibly durable with new ion-strengthened glass."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "New iPhones have 3D Touch, the "next-generation of multi touch." It recognizes force to enable new gestures."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Works on home screen to get short cuts to the things you do frequently. Press lightly and it gives you a peek at the content."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "3D Touch offers distinct tactile feedback. Lets you know what you've done and what to expect."
    • Mac Rumors Live: "New haptic feedback engine for shorter, more distinct feedback events. A mini tap, a full tap."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "In Mail, 3D Touch lets you preview a message with a touch. Longer press opens the message."
  • Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram (and probably others as yet unannounced) appear to have support for 3D Touch.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "In Messages, you can press on a time to open up your Calendar, or press on a flight number to get flight details. All within Messages."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "If you get a Safari link in Messages, pressing it will preview it and doesn't require opening Safari."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Can press on apps to take actions without opening them. For example, force press on Phone to call a specific person."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Force press on the camera to open the front facing camera for a selfie."
  • iPhone 6S / 6S Plus will have a new A9 chip.
  • The A9 processor in the iPhone 6S / 6S Plus is 70% faster at CPU tasks than the A8.
  • The M9 motion coprocessor is built right into the A9 chip.
  • iPhone 6S will have a new second-generation Touch ID sensor.
  • iPhone 6S will have a 12MP iSight camera.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "M9 motion coprocessor is always on, which enables a "Hey Siri" feature that lets "Hey Siri" be used any time, even when not plugged in."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "All new iSight camera. 12-megapixels. 50% more pixels than before, enabling increased detail."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Autofocus is even faster and more accurate."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "Includes deep trench isolation technology to keep color accurate."
  • The new iPhones can shoot 4K ("incredibly detailed") video.
  • The new iPhones will also have a new 5MP FaceTime camera.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "8 million pixels in every frame. Incredibly detailed."
  • Mac Rumors Live: "There's a new Live Photos feature. Press on your photos and you can see a quick animation."
  • Apple is creating new developer APIs for Live Photos.
  • New iPhones have LTE Advanced, twice as fast. 23 bands of LTE networking. WiFi also twice as fast.
  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will run iOS 9.
  • Apple is launching a new app to help people switch from Android to iOS.
  • There are new charging docks for iPhone 6S/6S Plus; also new leather and silicone covers.
  • The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be priced at the same prices and configurations as the 6 and 6 Plus were previously.
  • The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are now $100 less expensive.
  • Mac Rumors Live: "New iPhone each year, choose your carrier, unlocked phone, includes AppleCare+, starts at $32/month."
  • Pre-orders for the new iPhones start Saturday, September 12, 2015; the phones will be available on Friday, September 25, 2015.
  • iOS 9 will be released on Wednesday, September 16, 2015.
  • New pricing for iCloud: 50GB of storage $.99 per month, 200GB storage $2.99 per month, 1TB storage $9.99 per month.



Submitted by Pavel Ondra on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I vould like to see Siri in more languages, of course my own especially, also i am curious about new iphone and its supposed force touch capabilities. And lastly, i am interested in new ios9 and when it will be released.

Submitted by Patrick Hurst on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yes, I would also be very excited to know what ForceTouch can do. I'm sure it would certainly add a bunch of new possibilities to VoiceOver. But it may even serve in navigation: One of the BlindSquare developpers told in one of their podcasts that iPhone 6 and 6Plus is able to detect tiny altitude pressure changes...

Submitted by Patrick Hurst on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apple usually schedules the new iOS release one week after the September event; so this year, it should be Wednesday September 16. around 6PM GMT (10 AM Pacific).

Submitted by Ken Downey on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I clickg on the link and nothing happened. It showed that the event is scheduled, it showed the requirements, but I can'! Get the stream. I'm using an iphone 6 with 8.4.1. Please help!

Ken, the stream won’t be available until just before the event begins.

Submitted by Wahid Raza on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hey their,
the countdown has begaine,
as the subject line says,
how to streem the live event on desktop through VLC,
I know that we can watch on apple devices, but how to streem on VLC
on desktop just forgot it

Submitted by Maria Reyes on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

You can subscribe to the Apple Keynotes podcast to listen to the event

Submitted by Ken Downey on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

All we were told was that the older devices will still run it fine: There was literally nothing said about accessibily at all, which was a bummer.