I'm stuck in trivia crack

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all
I need help with the IPhone game trivia crack please.
I have the IPhone5s with I OS7.
The ap asks me to select my country.
I select south africa from the list.
And then I double tap on the confirm button.
But I get an error message with an ok button just saying: select a country.
I again start at the bottom selecting south africa from the list and this time I double tap the done button.
For about 10 seconds I cannot flick left and right.
I hear the voice over sound telling me I cannot flick left or right when I flick left or right.
then after about 10 seconds it again tells me to select a country.
How can I get to the questions?
Many thanks for any help



Submitted by Siobhan on Friday, August 21, 2015

Hi Nicole. Just a shot in the dark, but if your phone can handle it, why not upgrade to ios 8? It might solve your problems. Or, try turning voice over off, then back on when you've selected your country.