What's the name ofthat app?

Isn't there supposed to be a blindness app where you can take a picture of something once and then record and/or write a description of what that picture is so that, when you take a picture oft hat same item again, it will automatically identify it for you?

If so, for some reason, I can't seem to remember the name of that app. Could someone please help me with this?


Oh, well, I thought that app

Oh, well, I thought that app was just a money reader. I am looking for the app where you take a photo and add a description and, every time you put your camera on that same object, it recognizes that object again and gives you the description you entered.

Can anyone help me with this, please?


I'm fairly sure it's Recognizer. Money Reader is an app to read money, recognizer identifies objects and also acts as a barcode reader.

EyeSense is another such app


apart from LookTel Recognizer, there is another very similar app called EyeSense. One difference is that, for the custom learned objects, EyeSense uses typed text descriptions while LookTel Recognizer lets you to choose from both the text and recorded audio descriptions. However, I cannot compare the difference between those two regarding how the object recognition is reliable, as EyeSense is not available in my country.