How do I bookmark a tab in the Safari Web Browser?

How do I bookmark a page on the Safari Web Browser?


Try this

Hi, it's usually easy for anyone to find, though I gather this is your first Mac. You should be able to bookmark it by either control shift D or b can't remember off the top of my head. If you're not sure, arrow around the menus. Hope that helps a little sorry it's a bit vague.


Actually, this message is posted in the IOS forums so I would imagine he or she is talking about an IOS device.

How do I bookmark a tab in the Safari Web Browser for iOS

Hi Maria
Doing the following steps you have some idea how does it work.
when the page / website is opening on safari
on the buttom there 5 bottons
select share
on the new screen will show a alert
Enable AirDrop Sharing scrole down until find
add Bookmark botton
On this new screen you have the ability of save or make changes
starting form the top
Text field
change the title or rename the bookmark
and the
location folder
you have choices to pick
ovislly select or just make sure that says bookmarks .
and #4
Finally on the top right corner is located the save button


Sorry, thanks for the correction, I don't know why I thought she meant the Mac. My apologies.


Sorry. I didn't add the iOS part