how much space does jailbreak

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hi, I was wondering how much space a jailbreak takes up. I have 2 gb left on my phone and I am running iOS 8.13. cancan anyone make a podcast? It would be appreciated



Submitted by ground024 on Saturday, July 25, 2015

The first time Cydia runs it displays a message that it is preparing filesystem. While this message is displayed Cydia is moving files from your system partition over to the data partition to make room for important system applications required by Cydia and the jailbreak. When you look at how much space you have left on your phone you are actually looking at the size of the data partition. On my current phone running IOS 8.4 with the Taig jailbreak the /var/stash folder is about 500MB. So after you jailbreak you can expect to have about 500 megabytes less for storage of applications and media.

Submitted by Jesus R on Friday, August 28, 2015

Hi, While you may have less space at first, with a few jailbreak apps you can actually end up with more space after the jailbreak. I was having the same problem before jailbreaking, and now have almost one GB more than if I hadn't jailbroken.