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hello, I just saw the Kings of Dragons past games in the hall of fame and I intend to purchase this great game. However, are there any historical based RPG games for the IOS and OSX products? Thank you for your help



Submitted by Zack on Friday, July 6, 2012

THe closest I can suggest is probably the Choice of Broadsides game, which isn't quite historical nor is it really an RPG. It's completable via multiple paths though, so has some replay value. King of Dragon Pass is RPG-like in some ways, but has strategy components in the mix as well. It's the longest-playing accessible game we have available currently. If you don't mind interactive fiction, we have access to Frotz, an interpreter for hundreds of games. Some of these are set in historical times, such as Jigsaw by Graham Nelson. I should warn you this last is hard though, requiring a lot of thought and exploration. SOrry I can't be more helpful, but RPGs are one genre we don't really have access to on any platform.