Using the Activator tweek with voiceover

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I have a jailbroken iphone and I've installed the Activator tweek which allows you to assign custom gestures to certain actions for example you can press the volume up button and have it load the music app etc. You can set it so the action is only performed when you are in the lock screen, home screen, in an application or anywhere in the OS. It seems like it is also possible to create custom menus with this tweek that can pop up when you press a certain key or perform a certain gesture for example you could create a menu with the toggles for turning on yfi, bluetooth and restarting your phone. Has anyone managed to successuly create a menu using this tweek and are the resulting menus accessible via voiceover? I would like to be able to use the menu feature or maybe even the gesture feature. I've not been able to work out how to create the menus using voiceover but I've messed around with the gestures feature.



Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's been a while since I played with Activator menu creation, but from what I remember you just create one, add all items to it then when you select a gesture to assign an action to, the menus will show up there. The actual menu is just an alert with a bunch of buttons and it works perfectly. For gestures, they can be done, you just tap and hold if you need to slide. Tapping something is obvious, for double-tapping you tripple-tap with vo.

Thanks for that. I've managed to make a menu with toggles for Wifi, bluetooth, airport mode and location services. I am able to turn WiFi, airport and bluetooth on and off using the menu though there seems to be no way to tell if it has turned on or off each of the toggles apart from going into settings and checking. The location services toggle doesn't seem to be working though. Not sure why. If anyone has any other ideas on how and where to use this tweek then I'd like to hear them. I know it is handy but trying to work out the best way to use it and what gestures to use without them getting in the way is a bit confusing.

Just in case anyone else wants to try activator and gesture based apps etc. A lot of the gestures conflict with voiceover I think though I have set it so if I tap twice on the status bar, it brings up the task switcher and you can assign actions to any of the physical buttons on the iPhone / Ipad also which works fine with VoiceOver. I've also been trying out some gesture based tweeks from Cydia and found two good ones. They both allow you to control playing of music using gestures. Voiceover needs to be turned off for them to work though using the triple press of the home key. It is handy to have them though if you want to use your own headphones instead of the Apple ones and when outside. The first one is called MusicGestures and it adds gestures to the default music app in the iPhone so you can swipe left and right to go to nex/previous track, double tap to play / pause and the main thing I like about this is that if you hold your finger on the screen then it will fast forward until you lift your finger off the screen. I've not come across any gesture based tweeks that allow you to fast forward or rewind music apart from this one. The second one is called something like LSMusicGestures and should be on the same search results page as MusicGestures in Cydia. It allows you to control playing of music from your lock screen using gestures. This one doesn't support fast forward or rewind though.