Ongoing problems with Audible app

iOS & iPadOS

I've been having a problem using the Audible app with VoiceOver, and an wondering if anyone else is having similar difficulties.
Put simply, I cannot read the list of titles downloaded to my phone, and I cannot use the filters.
When I launch the app, I tap on "device " and then use the VO flick to move down the screen. There are no titles spoken between the refresh " button and the "my library " tab. There are titles downloaded to my phone but I cannot get VO to speak the list. (I have tried the VO-refresh techniques of switching to the app switcher and back, and even unloading and restarting VoiceOver. No difference ).
I can listen to Audible titles but only by accessing them from the (unfiltered ) cloud view which will download the title when first selected ).
I have contacted customer support (sic) at Audible, who so far have not even been able to understand the problem, let alone seen capable of fixing it. They come up with their usual log out, uninstall, reinstall, sign in " suggestion, which does absolutely nothing.
If I am the only person with this problem, then, Err, I'll go away and try to fix it. But if other people are having this problem, or have solved it, then please do let me know.
I will keep on pestering Audible to fix this error, because as it stands the app is really not good enough.
Thanks, mark



Submitted by Toonhead on Monday, June 29, 2015

Can you tell us what version of iOS you're using? Some folks running iOS 7 have this thing where the Audible app constantly refreshes, which doesn't allow VoiceOver to properly read the list of titles. I'm running iOS 8.3 and I find that at times after launching the app, I don't see any titles listed, but I know it's true because I currently have 3 books on my phone. Lots of times, either closing the app from the app switcher fixes it, or switching views from cloud to device fixes it too. If you try all this and it still doesn't work, try deleting, and re-installing the app and hopefully that'll do it. If that *still* doesn't work, keep pestering audible. They are quite aware of what VoiceOver is and should be able to help in some way. What I do is I tell them what the problem is, followed by an exact list of the steps so they can reproduce the problem. I also include if the problem happens all the time or if it's an occasional bug. All this will really help the app developers to solve the issue. Like I say, I do occasionally have the same problem but switching the view, or closing down and re-starting the app seems to fix it. I hope you can get the issue fixed!

Submitted by yorkshire-drew on Monday, June 29, 2015

I can get Voiceover to speak the list of books most of the time, but not all of the time. When the books are seen by Voiceover if I swipe down with three fingers a few times then swipe up again, often the list disappears. All of this has been reported to Audible but I'm not sure how much they understood. they promised to get back to me once they found a fix, they haven't got back to me yet.

I am running iOS8.3 on an iPhone 6.

Submitted by Toonhead on Monday, June 29, 2015

A new update was just released today, so I'd be interested to see if it fixes any of the issues mentioned here. I've updated, and so far, all is good.

I an running 8.3, and the latest version of the app which was released today.
No, as I said in my post, the usual VO refresh techniques of using the app switcher and restarting do not fix the issue.
And as I said, I have already deleted the app threw times following instructions from Audible customer services, and that did not fix the problem. The fact that it is the only thing they seem to be doing on the subject is one of the reasons for me writing the original post here, because simply repeating the "have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling " is not an acceptable response when they have been told three times that it does not fix the problem.
And yes, I have been pestering them. I am attempting to have this problem addressed in a professional manner by professional developers, but given the state of the app I wonder how long that might take

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Monday, June 29, 2015

Delete still not working. How can we tell them to fix the blank problem? I figure that with the updates they keep bringing they should be able to fix it. I have a book that I want to delete and can not. I am ready to remove the app and just use it from iTunes.