iOS 8.3 problem removing bluetooth device using VoiceOver

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Hi from Newbie Poster

I've been following posts in this site for a while, and finally signed up. I'm having a problem trying to remove a bluetooth device on my iPhone 5s, which runs IOS8.3. The device, a Logitech K811 keyboard, always used to work but somewhere along the line, I can't pair it again. I also have an iPod Touch 5G, also running IOS8.3, which works fine with bluetooth devices, but I haven't tried removing anything from that device.

From what I understand, sighted persons can use a "Forget" command, but since I'm blind and use VoiceOver, I don't know what the VO alternative is, since VO doesn't seem to recognize that option.

I'm guessing some other users have had problems trying to remove a Bluetooth device, and may know of a valid solution?

Forgive the length of my post...

Gary Zimdars



Submitted by Callum on Friday, June 12, 2015


Here's how I remove Bluetooth devices. If you go to the Bluetooth settings where the list of paired devices are, next to each device there's a more info button. If you double tap on this it should give you the forget button.
Hope this helps

Hi Callum

Thanks much! when dragging my finger across the device name, I completely missed the little More Info button. I should be home free now. I'll remove the K811 keyboard, then add it back in again under the proper Easy Switch key on the keyboard. Somehow I had screwed this up before. Won't be the first time!

Thanks, Gary

Submitted by raaj on Saturday, June 13, 2015

This is the reason flicking with one finger is the best option while we are moving around the screen. We won't miss anything.