how do i navigate the i phone first set up screen

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Hi its Carlos,
I have a question.
A apple accessibility rep told me to restore my iphone 6 from iTunes by connecting it to the computer.
But he could not help with the new install because the down load took very long due to my very slow internet.
When the phone restarted it starded saying hellow in different languages and also slide to set up.
I have spoken to apple reps before and no one could give me the steps to figure out how to put the language in to English,
where it says hellow.
And how to slide to set up.
I just played with it tonight and kept tapping and sliding left and right and finally it went through.
But I have no idea what I did,
and I might have to reset my iphone 6 again because I mkight have set some wrong settings.
So any explanation of the initial set up screen with voice over would be very helpful.



Submitted by John W. hess on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Carlos, you did the right thing. Just tap on one of the languages and you will be placed in to the first area of the screen that asks for what your primary language is. BE sure to pick English at that time. Sometimes you have to tap a few times to get in to that screen. I was setting up an iPad yesterday and with the latest IOS update had the same problem. After that just flick or explore by touch and answer the questions and follow the prompts.