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Description of App

1Password is your password and identity companion. It leaps past simple password storage because 1Password works directly with your browser, saves your user names and passwords, and effortlessly creates strong, unique passwords for each site. 1Password can then automatically and securely log you in, enter credit card information, and fill registration forms, all while encrypting your information with the one password you need to remember.

1Password has won just about every award under the sun!

  • Mac App Store: Best Apps of 2011
  • MacStories Apps of 2011: Reader’s Choice Winner
  • Cult of Mac: 10 Most Innovative Apps of 2011
  • Macworld 2010 Eddy Award Winner
  • Scored 4.5/5 Mice in a Macworld review
  • Mac|Life Editor’s Choice with a rating of “Awesome!”

But wait, there’s more! 1Password makes it easy to:

  • Use multiple Logins for the same site
  • Create multiple Identities for filling into registration forms, surveys, and shopping carts
  • Securely sync your data over-the-air between Macs, iPhones, and iPads with Dropbox.
  • Store other sensitive information in Secure Notes
  • Save software licenses and receipts
  • Organize everything with tags and folders

This new version of 1Password was re-engineered to leverage the great features in OS X Lion, such as:

  • Full-Screen mode
  • Better security with compatibility for Sandboxing in Lion
  • Even better security with PBKDF2 Calibration
  • 64-bit support for a zippy experience

This version also provides:

  • **New** Quick access to your data from the menu bar
  • Improved support for browser extensions

Of course, what would a secure password and identity companion be without a punny poem?

"Twelve passwords for banks and bills so high,
Seventy for retailers with their online stores,
Ninety for communities of Men to whom I say "Hi",
One for me, 'cause I can't know more
In the land of Crypto where the Secrets lie.
1Password to rule them all, 1Password to find them,
1Password bring them all, and in the vault to bind them
In the land of Crypto where the Secrets lie."

Mobile versions of 1Password are available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Sync and update using Wi-Fi or over-the-air via Dropbox so your information is always just a tap away.

SUPPORT NOTE #1: If you are already using 1Password 3.8, please delete the old copy of 1Password before installing this version from Mac App Store.

SUPPORT NOTE #2: We got several reports about not being able to get past the Welcome screen when installing 1Password. If you encounter this issue, please see the "1Password fails to continue after the initial welcome screen" article on our support site.

SUPPORT NOTE #3: We love to hear your feedback. Please remember, we cannot reply to your comments in Mac App Store. If you have a question, please contact us on our support site. Thank you!



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Voiceover works very well with this app.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.


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Submitted by Chelsea on Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hi! I am a brand new user of 1Password, having taken advantage of the sale, and have heard raving reviews of it. However, I am having trouble with the built-in browser extension popup window. It accepted my AppleVis login just fine, but the actual window has no labeled buttons or tabs to navigate and no help tags. Can a more experienced user confirm, or do people just not use this feature? If so, how do you use 1Password in conjunction with Safari effectively? I really want to get the most from this app! chelsea

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm loving the app. I had some issues though. I could not get my password hint to show up so had to merge a new vault with an older one in iCloud. that was fine, but here's the kicker. The sections for what ever you are to add just come out as section. No labels. Also the fields are a bit odd to type in to, but they do work. If those are improved I'll love the app a bit more. For the dropped price I think though they will get more feedback as $50 for this is way too high in my opinion.

Regarding the safari extension I can't install it. it says it can't connect to the server from which the download is located for some odd reason. I hope that can be looked in to.

Blessings to all.

Submitted by Raul on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Item sharing has returned with proper advice for sharing only over secure services. {OPM-4076}
When first setting up 1Password the back buttons shown there now properly support VoiceOver. {OPM-4139}
The password generator shown when first setting up 1Password now announces the number of words. {OPM-4145}
VoiceOver no longer reads the image descriptions in sidebar categories or item list. {OPM-4148}
We made it more clear how to sign out of an account in the "Accounts" preferences. {OPM-4133}
Improved VoiceOver support in the 1Password Account login form so that the text fields are associated with their labels. {OPM-4144}
Improved VoiceOver in the setup & welcome screens. {OPM-4141}
Added VoiceOver support for the "Copy", "Reveal", "Large Type", and "Open and Fill" menu items on the item details screen. {OPM-4136}
Added VoiceOver support to the Large Type window. {OPM-4140}
Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.
Fixed an issue where the Import window could select the wrong profile if it had the same name as another profile. {OPM-4063}
Fixed a rare issue where some Logins were not properly matching to the current web page.
Fixed an issue that could cause items with invalid created/updated timestamps from syncing with 1Password accounts. {OPM-4157}
Removed VoiceOver interactivity for the ornamental image views on the login screen. {OPM-4150}
Fixed an issue where vault switching in mini was not instantly mirrored in the main app if it was in the background. {OPM-3523}