Using VoiceOver and an app with Audio Hijack three

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi everyone,
While some might say to simply use System Audio, I heard there was a way with this new Audio Hijack to use VOiceOver itself. Something about com.voiceover...
If I can capture VOiceOver plus another app, rather than just do system audio, that'd be great, as I have two reviews I want to record for apples.



Submitted by Orinks on Monday, May 11, 2015

Hi Megcap,
Thanks for the review. I knew about the podcast, but never got around to listening to it until now.
While I have Yosemite and iOS 8, how will I be able to plug a Lightning cable into an old 2007 iMac? Do I just plug it into the Mic area in the back of the computer, or will I have to get an adapter to do it?
Oh well wait, you plug the USB end into the Mac right?
Anyway, I love the idea of connections. With background applications, is there one that records the system voice, or does com.speech also handle that?