Can i visualize my PC (Win 7 Ent) onto my New MacBook?

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Before i buy a MacBook (this will be my first) wanted to be sure that i can visualize my work PC onto the new MacBook. I know some friends have done this with MacBook Air but dont know of anyone who may have done with the the New MacBook. Sice its a different procesor, i wanted to be sure.

Any advise here will be much appreciated.



Submitted by David on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Just so I can be sure, because I'm not quite, do you mean, "can you virtualise your Win 7 PC on to the new MacBook?" Or do you really mean visualise?

Submitted by Toonhead on Sunday, May 10, 2015

I think there might be a bit of confusion in terms. When you say visualize, I take this to mean that you want to take what's on your windows pc's monitor, and display the same thing on your MacBook. but as David suggested, the term virtualize, means being able to install Windows on your mac and switch back and forth between it and the mac whenever necessary.
Is this what you want to do?

Thanks both of you, i meant virtualise (and don't want to have to log on an doff to keep switching between the two).
I know some friends have done this on MacBook Air and upwards but not sure about the NewMacbook as it comes with a Intel M processor.
Just wanted to know if i can virtualise on the New MacBook?