Voiceover on IOS8.2 sounds odd

iOS & iPadOS

On my work iphone 6 and my personal Iphone 5s the voiceover sounds very computerised suddenly. I have it on the British english voice as I am in the UK instead of it sounding natural and fluid like it always did everything sounds muffled and very computerised. It can't be the speaker as my work iphone 6 is brand new and my iphone 5s does the same thing. Even my wife's iphone 5s has it when I borrowed it and turned voiceover on. Has anyone else experienced this problum and even better do you know of a fix?



Submitted by Kevan on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My guess is that your phones are now using the compact voice, whereas before you had the high quality voice downloaded.

To fix this, go into VoiceOver settings, then Speech, and download the better voices. You may need to be connected to wi-fi to do this, then it should work fine.

Submitted by Trilobite27 on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hi I already have the advanced voices on. The voice is clear but it just dosn't say things like it did before.