Personal Hotspot and FaceTime over cellular have disappeared, please help

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So, I've been swapping my AT&T sim between my iPhone 5s and my Windows Phone. I've noticed that the tethering feature under WP 8.1 says I have to call AT&T to activate tethering. Thinking nothing of it, I put my Sim back into my iPhone after restoring it from a jailbreak. I did this when it said a sim was required on the set up screen. I've noticed that Personal Hotspot has disappeared from my settings. When I go to cellular and set up personal hotspot, it tells me to call AT&T or go to some website to enable it. This is just like the message I got on WP 8.1. Anyone know what to do? Do I have to pay money to get this functionality back? It is very important that I get this functionality back, since I need it to get on the internet with my Mac at school to send and receive assignments via email.

I guess if I can't enable this it won't be a big deal, since I can just airdrop stuff from the phone to my Mac. Still, this is very odd. Why did this feature disappear just because I've been swapping my sim back and forth between phones?



Submitted by david s on Wednesday, March 11, 2015


With ATT, the hotspot or tethering port is disabled. IF you want to use this feature, you will need to call and for a monthly fee, they will enable it. TMobile on the other hand, has this feature enabled at no charge.


Submitted by Chris on Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Well, here's my question. Why did I have personal hotspot before? Did I mess something up by transferring my sim back and forth between phones? If I had it before, why is it all of a sudden disabled on my iPhone and any other device I put the sim into? I don't understand.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Wednesday, March 11, 2015

At&t probably just recently did this. You were probably granfathered in to it but now they probably disabled that feature for you. There's not much you can do but wither pay up or switch to a provider like VZ or t mobile which offer the hot spot free with your monthly allotment of data.

Take care.