Having Trouble Texting with iPhone and Braille Device

Braille on Apple Products

I am trying to train a deaf-blind person to send SMS text messages with a U2 Mini and iPhone 5S. I've run into the same problem with his equipment that I did with my iPhone 5. I'm running iOS 8.1.1, and he is running 8.0. We enter the phone number, either directly or via the terminal clipboard. It then seems to be almost impossible to get to the body to enter text into the message. I've tried space bar, chord 45, chord 456 then chord l, but when I hit chord 456 I hear "Add Contact". It's easy enough for me to grab the phone and double-tap on the text area, but a totally deaf-blind person cannot do that so easily. I know this problem did not exist when I taught using an earlier version of iOS. Am I missing something or is it really almost impossible to effectively text from a braille device now? I should mention that occasionally I get it to work, but I cannot isolate what I've done that got it to work. Any thoughts or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by Jerry Berrier on Thursday, November 27, 2014

Well I think I have the answer. Someone told me to try space with e after entering the phone number, and that does seem to work, although you have to be sure to wait until the braille display has caught up with what you entered.

Submitted by Unuhinuiʻi on Monday, January 12, 2015

Hi Jerry,

Iʻm wondering would it be possible to use Siri as a deaf-blind person?

Could it be learned to see and learn your sign language? Like if that got to work, maybe you could have the phone in front of you, tell it to send a message to [select friend; select type of message and so on], then even spell something.

Like sign language spelling (I need to learn that alphabet - I can only Braille). That would be pretty awesome way to spell something. iPhone as something you tell how to spell (or video or speak or anything) for you.

I use VoiceOver to take photos and to watch movies - so perhaps Siri and the camera could learn to listen to sign language alphabet as well.