Easy way to merge MP3s into one file

Hey y'all. I have an audiobook that is broken up into multiple MP3s and I'm wondering if anyone knows of an easy way to merge them into one file. I tried an app called MP3 trimmer, but unfortunately, it wasn't accessible with voiceover. I'm using a MacBook Pro running OS 10.9.5. Any help you can provide is most sincerely appreciated. Thank you.:-)


Thanks Soupy!!!

Hi soupy. Thank you so much for your recommendation of Audiobook Builder. I went on a site I frequent, alternativeto.net, and found a free open source application called audiobook binder that does the exact same thing. It's very accessible and it's available in the Mac App Store. Have a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year! :-)


Hello Usman. Yes, the audiobook binder application only converts to M4 V, however, it's pretty easy to convert those files to MP3 or a multitude of other formats using an audio editor like Amadeus Pro or Audacity. If you'd like additional instruction on how to do this, shoot me an email at blindjoemusic@gmail.com. :)