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Hi. My 4s decided that it was only going to give me sound some times. Sometimes I could get sound from the speaker, sometimes the speaker would not work and plugging in the headsets would give me sound, but most of the time neither would work. I need sound for obvious reasons. Me trying to use a phone with no sound would be like a sited person trying to use it with a broken screen. I decided not to spend the money to fix it because in a few months my contract is up and I will be getting a new phone anyhow. While I wait for my contract to be up, my mom let me use her old 3gs because she got a 5c and does not need the 3gs any more. I have spent the last few days setting it up, because I was unable to restore from my 4s backup because iOS 7 is required for that backup and you can't put iOS 7 on a 3gs. Also, the 3gs is 8 gb and the 4s was 16 gb and I had the 4s full so the 4s backup would not fit on the 3gs anyhow. Now my question is: On the 4s I had my gmail accounts set to sync mail, contacts and calendars. I had notes off because I just use iCloud notes for that. On the 3gs the only sync options are mail, calendars and notes. I looked everywhere in settings and could not find a way to get my gmail contacts on the phone. Is there any way I can do this? Thank you.



Submitted by Kevan on Thursday, October 23, 2014

Would exporting from Gmail and then putting into your iPhone work?
First, exporting from Gmail. Follow these steps.

Next you'll want to email the VCard file to yourself or get it onto your phone another way. Then open it in your phone (if you email it you can open the attachment). Adding from there should be pretty straightforward.

Submitted by Jessica Brown on Thursday, October 23, 2014

That guide said to log in and go to contacts and go to the more drop down menu. I logged in, whent to contacts, but the only more I could find took me to more google products. I could not find a more drop down menu. I also looked on my account settings and could not find an export option.

Submitted by Kevan on Thursday, October 23, 2014

Remember, There are two layouts for Gmail.
Basic HTML is the one many blind people use, however it's not fully functional like standard is.
They mean the standard layout in the guide.
To get there, if you're on basic HTML, you'll wanna go under the account options heading at the top and switch to standard. Then go press the navigate to... button. After that, it will open a menu and you'll wanna select contacts. Then find the more button and that too will bring up a menu. That menu contains an export option, you'll wanna click that. Then a dialog will open, which may take some tricky navigating with your screen reader - but in the end it's worth the trouble if you want the contacts on your phone.

To get back to basic HTML, hit the Basic HTML button at the top of the page and then select set as default under the account options heading.
Good luck.