Bluetooth keyboard entry with IOS 8.0.2

iOS and iPadOS

Hi. I have found a bug that I don't know that I've seen reported. When I'm entering information in contacts with a Bluetooth keyboard, the eighth digit is reported to be the same as the fourth digit. For example, in the phone number 503-555-1212 the fourth digit is 5 and though the eighth digit is 2, VoiceOver will report it is 5. The information is correcty displayed on the screen, but not reported correctly. Apparently, this also happens when you enter info with the onscreen keyboard.



Submitted by charles on Saturday, October 18, 2014

If you're getting the same error whether you're using a Bluetooth keyboard or the on screen keyboard, it is not a Bluetooth keyboard issue. Bluetooth keyboard issues only crop up when a Bluetooth keyboard is being used.