getting files out of iTunes backup

iOS and iPadOS

Hi. I have some files I made in Hokusai that I want off my iPhone. They are so big that I can not email them and trying to export them to dropbox or any other app makes Hokusai crash. I usually just backup to iCloud and don't bother with iTunes. My question is: if I backup to iTunes, will I be able to access the Hokusai files from the backup and if I can, how? I know when I do the backup everything in Hokusai and all my other apps will be stored on my computer, the problem is I don't know where. Thank you.



Submitted by Jessica Brown on Friday, October 10, 2014

Hi. Yes, that is also the place google told me to look, but there was just a bunch of junk in there. A bunch of files that I have no idea what they are for. No .wav or .mp3 or .txt or .doc files or anything useful. It is all garbage. I am looking for the data that apps store, such as the recordings you make in Hokusai or the files you inport into UBI Disk. This is on windows xp. Thank you.