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Good evening all,
I recently downloaded the Kindle app by amazon on my mac and was devastated to find it is not accessible with VO. Is there any way for us users to make apps like this accessible on Mac, that is, an equivalent to the JAWS for Windows scripting program? If not, who's responsibility is it to make this app accessible, Amazon's as the app developer or Apple as the screenreader developer. In the meantime is there a good way to read large books on mac including Kindle and PDF?



Submitted by J.P. on Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hi Jack,
This is unfortunately an issue with Amazon, not Apple. Apple provides developers the tools to make apps voice over compatible.
Amazon does not have a good track record with accessibility. It isn't easy to get them to make improvements. You can email I wish good luck with that.

Submitted by Jim Homme on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I recently downloaded this app for my Mac, and either I didn't set it up correctly, or it is still inaccessible. I am an inexperienced Mac user, so I am unsure which is true. Does anyone know if Kindle accessibility for Mac is better now?

Submitted by Carlos Taylor on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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Kindle for Os X is somewhat accessible. The sign in procedure could be made a little better, but once you get signed in, you should be able to see your list of books with VoiceOver. Command + O is the command to open a selected book. Command t starts and stops reading the book. The only thing about it is that it uses the system voice to read the text of the book. This does not provide a way to have words spelled. The other thing I haven't figured out is a way to navigate to the previous and next word, line or paragraph.
Concerning the sign in process, there is what VoiceOver reads as a popup control. i had to press VO f2 twice to access the window chooser menu to access the window I needed so I could make my selection.