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Hi all, I have been using Zello for a while now. I recently updated to the latest version like I'm sure all of you have done, it's pretty nice! I got on Zello a little bit ago and went into the Applevis channel. I waited a while, knowing there aren't people on this channel 24 7. After about 10 minutes, no one had said anything, so I asked what the conversation was about. Still, I got no response. When I checked the history though, it showed the messages I had sent and also the ones from people who had sent something after me. None of there messages had anything to do with what I had said. I tried a few more times and still got the same results. I checked my echo channel and there too what I had sent appeared in the history and I could listen to it there, but it never came back and played when I sent it. I decided to take the app out of the app switcher and re open it. This didn't do anything to fix my problem. I then decided to tsee if I was in solo mode in any of my other channnels, and I wasn't. I can recieve the notifications when someone sends a message, I just can't hear the conversation, and apparently no one can hear me either. This has never happened before and I really enjoy using zello. If anyone has an idea on how to fix this, please let me know!! Thanks so much, Holly



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Holly, Several people have told me that they have had this issues when their status were Busy. They just changed this to Available and then it started working. If that doesn't work then try to make sure under the Options that your Speaker is On. Those are the only advice I have. Let us know if these methods did work didn't work! Hope this works!

Submitted by Holly on Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Hi anonymouse, Thanks for the tip! Changing my status to available fixed the issue. I don't know why my status was busy to begin with since I was in the app trying to use it, but it was and changing the status worked! This must be a bug in this version that hopefully they will fix in the next one.