Changing VoiceOver Volume while streaming music to Apple TV or other compatible speaker systems via AirPlay or Bluetooth

iOS and iPadOS

I recently purchased an Apple TV to stream my music and other content from my iPhone 5S to my TV and external speakers, and all works as expected. However, I have come across a somewhat annoying issue.

As some of you may already know, audio produced by VoiceOver is not sent over AirPlay. I actually find this to be a rather useful feature, except when I forget to turn up the volume on my iPhone before connecting to the Apple TV. Once the iPhone is connected, iOS refuses to allow me to adjust the volume of the internal iPhone speaker unless I disconnect from Apple TV, adjust the volume, and reconnect. Instead, all attempts to adjust the volume of the iPhone's internal speaker while connected result in the volume of my music being changed, rather than the volume of VoiceOver, which continues speaking through the internal speaker on the iPhone.

Obviously, if I leave my iPhone's volume too low before connecting, I will not be able to hear VoiceOver, which makes it somewhat difficult to perform other tasks on my phone while using AirPlay.

Has anyone found a way to choose which volume level to adjust in situations like these? Any information would be appreciated.




Submitted by dvdmth on Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Given the way iOS works, I would be surprised if there was a way to adjust the internal volume while AirPlay is active.

You can adjust the VoiceOver volume independently through the rotor, if you have it turned on in your rotor settings, but if the iPhone's volume is too low, this probably won't help you much. You'll just have to remember to turn up the phone's volume before connecting to your Apple TV.