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Learn and practice Morse code where ever you are.Brilliant if you really want to learn morse - ★★★★★Very very good... - ★★★★★This is one of the best cw tutor apps available - ★★★★★Just what I needed for handy practice anywhere anytime! Highly recommended! - ★★★★★ Ham Morse allows you to practice morse code on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is designed particularly for Ham radio operators and others who wish to achieve or maintain a high level of proficiency in this classic mode of communication. Ham morse has the following features: The code is sent using the Farnsworth timing whereby the morse characters are sent at 15 words per minute (WPM) and then extra spacing is added to slow the overall WPM to speeds slower than 15 WPM. The farnsworth speed can be adjusted if you wish to use a speed other than 15WPM. The maximum speed that the morse can be sent at is 50 words per minute. The morse audio waveforms have a 5ms rise time to reduce key clicks and yet provide crisp code to copy. The code can be paused just in case you are interrupted or want to take a break, an incoming call on an iPhone pauses the code automatically. Ham Morse is iOS4 multitasking compatible so you can put the app in the background and come back to it at a later point and everything is ready to go. To help you learn the morse code itself HamMorse allows you to practice a variety of sets of characters from individual random letters all the way to the current news stories from around the world. Koch - This setting uses the Koch character progression. It starts with just one letter and then you can add a new letter when you have mastered the previous character set. This is one of the most popular methods of learning the morse character set. Letters - Practice the individual letters, A-Z. Add new letters to your practice set using the settings page. Numbers - Practice the numbers, 0-9. Which numbers you practice can be controlled on the settings page. Callsigns - allows you to practice receiving random amateur radio callsigns, a mixture of letters and numbers (eg AA9PW, G1SNT, G5RV) that often prove troublesome when copying code on the air. HamMorse creates a wide variety of international callsigns using the standard ITU prefixes to provide useful practice where ever in the world you may be. Punctuation - provides a wide variety of punctuation and standard morse code prosigns. Top 100 and 500 most common words - this is a great way to start to recognize whole words the key to really improving your speed. News feeds - these provide the opportunity to copy real sentences and keep up with the news at the same time. Note that the News feeds will only work with an active network connection. Ham QSOs - listen to examples of typical on-air exchanges between ham radio operators - practice coping the callsigns, RST reports, location, rig, antenna and many other pieces of a typical QSO. Accessibility support - The app also has support for Apple's accessibility tool, Voice Over. When Voice Over is activated each button and field has an audible description available describing the button or slider and its use. Text Delay - As an additional learning aid You can have the text appear a few seconds after the morse code is played so you have time to copy the letter before it appears on screen. Text Filter - Filter out characters from the News feeds or QSOs that you are not yet familiar with so you can start practicing with real text even if you don't yet know the whole morse character set.



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iPod Touch

Accessibility Comments

Works as advertised. Screen can be confusing for VO newbies, but there are no access issues whatsoever. Take your time to explore all the features. Only one small bug: when using Koch (best method IMOH for increasing CW speed) the "add letter" and "remove letter" buttons are graphically correct, but mislabeled for VO. Use "remove" to add and "add" to remove.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

Note that some reviewers and even the creator's website sometimes spell the app name without spaces as in "HamMorse". However I've chosen to include the space as that's how it's listed in the app store. If you don't know CW, search the web for articles on how to learn. If you do, but you've plateaued, search for tips on increasing your speed. If you're fast, you can still copy faster, and if you need practice with just numbers, QSOS or non-ham text, this app will accommodate you easily. Rather than holding your hand, this app asumes you have selected from the wide variety of methods available, have a favorite one and wish to use it here. It's agnostic when it comes to learning styles; you choose, and it gives you plenty of practice. I've copied in my head, using a Braille Writer, using my computer and even tried with a manual typewriter. You can set it to play continuously or just run for a few minutes. I've found no other program for any other platform that was this flexible. Training your reflexes to react rapidly the microsecond after you hear a character is easy to do with this app. [Reviewed by KF6BKR]

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Submitted by KE7ZUM on Friday, August 22, 2014

I look forward to trying this app out when I take my 13 hour plane trip. Is there any advice on how to learn CW with this app for those who have learned it via this method?

Take care to all and be blessed.

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