Inquisitor’s Heartbeat for iOS is out! Plus price drop for PC and Mac! Plus free license for a friend!

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NEW RELEASE: Inquisitor’s Heartbeat, the new audio game from TiconBlu and RisingPixel is now available for iOS, in addition to the PC and Mac platforms already available. Here’s the link to the the App Store page for purchasing:

The launch price for the iOS edition is $16.99 (US Dollars) / 14,99€ (Euro). It won’t be available for long, so hurry up!

In addition to it, we also dropping the price for the PC and Mac platforms from 19,90€ to 14,90€! We have just released a comprehensive update and the game works just great! Don’t miss this opportunity! Buy it from here:

And that’s not all: A FREE LICENSE FOR OUR EXISTING CUSTOMERS TO MAKE A GIFT TO A NEW AUDIOGAMER! We hope you appreciate it! You will receive a direct email with all the information and details to enjoy this offer.

TEASER: The hazard is invisible to the eyes.
Your only allies are your ears.
Explore up to 35 audio scenarios, search, escape and don’t get caught by the sentinels… Or by something even worse than that.
Feel the Inquisitor’s heart beating! Play Inquisitor’s Heartbeat.

GAME DESCRIPTION: Inquisitor’s Heartbeat catapults the player right into the 1300’s, the height of the brutal Inquisition.
Accused of heresy for being in possession of a forbidden book, Nicholas Eymerich, the game’s main character is imprisoned in the dungeon of a castle: he must escape from his cell and retrieve the precious book that has been stolen from him, before it is taken to the monastery beyond the forest, and destroyed forever.
In more than 6 hours of gameplay, the player has to find his way through 35 labyrinthine levels divided into 7 different settings, without being spotted by guards and ferocious beasts, trusting only his own ears.
There is also an ‘endless’ game mode, where the mazes are generated one after the other, always with a different map.
Developed for iOS, PC and Mac, Inquisitor’s Heartbeat is the result of a joint effort by Rising Pixel and Ornitocopter, with the soundtrack by the talented Luca Rungi, and TiconBlu as publisher.

GAME INSTRUCTIONS: you can play with Inquisitor’s Heartbeat mainly using the arrow keys to move (one step at a time) in the selected direction. Use the space bar to interact with the surrounding environment (pull levers, push, etc.). The main tool to use though is your hearing and your memory, to create a mental map of the dark settings you are exploring.
Your character always moves in the selected direction at the same pace, one step at a time: just like moving on a chessboard.
It is essential that you count your steps, listening to the different noises from the ground, paying attention to the echo and the sound variations, or if you bang into a wall... you're probably going in the wrong direction!

LAUNCH PRICE: $16.99 (US Dollars) / 14,99€ (Euro)

WHAT TO DO: Buy it from

Visit to purchase your licensed copy of Inquisitor’s Heartbeat for PC and Mac.

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Submitted by Raul on Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sounds great. Unfortunately now I cant buy any games since I'm planing to move temporarily from my home, and it requires a quite high amount of money.
Maybe in a few months... Also I plan to get the Inquisitor's part I.

Submitted by sergio on Tuesday, July 22, 2014

hello. my name is sergio. something is wrong whit the price in the appstore.

in usa the game cost 14$, but, in the other contries, the game cost 26$ or so.
why? I really whant to get the two titles, but its too expensibe.

sorry for mi bad english.

Submitted by IV Productions on Tuesday, August 5, 2014

@Sergio I understand your concerns, but outside the US the price is converted from the Euro version (that's our local currency *smile*).

Every now and then we drop some price, you just need to check our store at You can also:
- register to our mailing list:
- follow us on Twitter:
- like us on Facebook:

(No worries for your English *smile*)