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Hello all, I have asked this question before but still slightly baffled by the procedure for deleting books from the Audible IOS app. I have approximately 30 books currently on my Audible app with 10 or so already read. The books appear to be in 'the cloud' but I am still having some trouble deleting these ones from the list of books. I can 'see' that the ones I have read say '100 percent complete' below the book but I can't seem to be able to delete them from the app without going to my Audible library on the web based site. Can someone write me a procedure I can follow please to delete the completed ones from what I think is 'the cloud' without actually getting rid of them completely from Audible itself? Thank you and a happy Easter, Steve.



Submitted by Rixon Smith on Friday, April 18, 2014

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You need to be in your devices tab on the audible app to delete books that you have downloaded the help section in the app is very detailed and how you should build to delete your books

Submitted by steven carey on Friday, April 18, 2014

Hi Rixon G. Smith and others, Yes, you are right and I have looked on line to see what the tutorial says about deleting books. However, I can only find how to delete from the 'now playing' area and not from 'my library'. I have followed the example suggested by going to 'devices' and then doing a right flick. VO says 'delete by double tapping delete', which appears after the right flick. However, the book is still on 'my library'. If I then double tap on the books while in 'cloud' they will not delete and I cannot find anything on the tutorial to show me how to delete the books from here. The only way I can delete the books from 'my library' is to delete the book completely from 'library' on my on line Audible account. I found this out by sending back a book that I didn't like earlier this year to Audible and it dissapeard from my on line library account and the IOs Audible account but of course I no longer have the book at all. Thank you, Steve.

Submitted by Shersey on Saturday, April 19, 2014

Here's how to delete books from the Audible app. First, make sure that you go to the "Device" tab; it will be somewhere near the top of the screan. Once you've done that, navigate to the book you wish to delet. If the book has more than one part, single-finger double-tap on it's name to open the list of parts. Choose the part you with to delete, and flick down with one finger until you hear VoiceOver say "Remove." At this point, single-finger double-tap, and an alert will pop up asking you if you really want to delete the part. Single-finger double-tap the "Remove" button. Repeat as necessary. There's a button near the top of the screan that says "Delete mode inactive," but I'm not quite sure what that does. You might want to give that a shot on something you know you want to delete. Thanks, Shersey

Submitted by yorkshire-drew on Saturday, April 19, 2014

In short, you can't delete books from the cloud, only from your device. I guess you could contact Audible customer services to delete them for you, but you won't ever be able to listen to the books again unless you re-purchased them. I'm curious as to why you would want to delete books from the cloud. If you've deleted them from your device by the methods described in previous posts, then the books aren't taking up any room.

Submitted by steven carey on Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hi Yorkshire Drew, My mistake, sorry. I was getting a little confused by 'devices' and 'cloud', and still. When I try to follow the instructions as above, I don't seem to be able to delete the books when in devices. I flick down and nothing happens. However, in 'cloud' it does say 'delete' but when I confirm, nothing happens here either. I guess this is because I cannot delete from 'cloud'. However, I still have the problem of not having anything happening when I follow shersey's instructions. All I was trying to do was get some order into my Audible library. As you know when you use a screen reader of any kind, you can't 'see the wood for the trees' if you don't get rid of some of the rubbish - that's what I think books are after you rea them. The only books I keep and refer back to are academic ones. Steve.

1. Along the top of the screen are five tabs. Settings, cloud, device, iTunes, and there's a delete button. Ignore this last. 2. Double tap on the device tab to select it. 3. Flick right with one finger until you hear the name of the book you wish to delete. 4. Flick down with one finger. Voiceover will announce "Remove." 5. One finger double tap. 6. In the pop up alert, flick right until you reach the "remove" button and one finger double tap. The title should now be gone from your device.

Submitted by dvdmth on Monday, April 28, 2014

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I know this topic is a week old, but I want to add something to the comments already posted here.

The instructions given above for removing audiobooks work, but there is a catch. After an item is removed, it will still appear in the list of books in the Devices tab, even though it is no longer on the device. This is very misleading, and I hope Audible someday updates the app to fix this. As it stands now, you must switch to another tab, such as Cloud, then switch back to the Devices tab. At that point, any items that were removed from the device will be gone from the list.

If you try to remove an audiobook and find that there is no Remove option when you swipe up or down, then the item is probably already removed from the device. Try switching tabs as I just mentioned, and you'll likely find that the item is gone when you return to the Devices tab.