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Hello All, I hope this is the right forum. My appologies if I chose the wrong one. When I first started using my Bluetooth earpiece, (early last week) I thought my alarms sound was being heard via my earpece and not just being played over the speaker on my iPhone 4S. But that is now what is happening, my alarms only sound over the speaker and I'd prefer to keep them private if I can. I use Audible and Bard Apps and they play over my bluetooth just fine; as does my Grand Clock app. Thanks, in advance, for any help or clarification on this. S.B.



Submitted by dvdmth on Thursday, April 10, 2014

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I recently received a set of Bluetooth headphones as a gift, and I quickly learned that the alarm and timer sounds from the Clock app will not work with Bluetooth devices. The alarm sound will only play through a physically connected speaker, such as traditional headphones plugged into the headphone jack. I had done a Google search after learning this first-hand and found that others had encountered the same issue, and the only remedy was to connect the speaker physically, if possible. Still, if anyone here knows of an alternative solution which does not require a physical connection, I would certainly be interested.

Well at least I now know that it isn't me. Another thing has now changed. first my ringtones and alerts were playing in my earpiece only, and now I'm hearing the ringtones in both my earpiece and from the phone speaker.

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