Best OCR app for scanning movie inserts

iOS and iPadOS
I have a variety of the available OCR apps one can get on the iTunes store. I am looking to use OCR to help me identify which of my movies have a free digital copy and then to scan the inserts of those that do offer this so I can get the instructions for redeeming and the code included that one enters in the redemption box in the iTunes store. I know that all of the apps have their own strengths and weaknesses and I am not too familiar with these factors since I have yet to make much use of the apps. I would like to know if a particular app might be superior in scanning such documents accurately so I get the instructions and codes correctly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris



Submitted by Fleet on Monday, April 14, 2014

While I do not have specific experience with scanning the kind of movie inserts you describe, I've done quite a bit of OCR on numerical data-intensive, glossy, small-format material such as other package inserts (serial numbers, warranties and the like), packing slips and transaction receipts. For a while, I would have told you that TextDetective was my go-to. However, it is my perception that Prizmo is in the lead right now. I appreciate Prizmo for three reasons: -The flash is available and easy to access. -Accuracy on nonstandard items, from menu boards on a wall to glossies, is generally high. -The app will vibrate if you're tilting your camera; and will announce when it sees all four corners of a page are detected. I'm still learning to take decent snaps so this last feature is extra meaningful to me. I can't guarantee you that the app will perform for your material as well as it has for most of mine, but I hope that it treats you well if you decide to try it out.

Submitted by Siobhan on Monday, April 14, 2014

Hi. I don't have experience with this yet, I am awaiting it's arrival. I have a few apps, both previously mentioned as well as I think text grabber. When I get it, I will post on how these aps work. You might want to look, the stand scan is available from amazon for around 20 bucks or the pro which has LED lights for around ten more. Hope that helps. Will report later.