Entering passcode through an external keyboard

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Hi to all of you, Now, as I became the member of this great community, another question has come to my mind hoping that you can suggest something. From IOS 6.something in most cases I cannot enter my passcode through my external keyboard. In IOS5 it was no problem doing this at all. What I do is this: first, I press a key on the keyboard by which I I get to the point when I could enter the passcode. When I start to type the numbers, nothing is entered into the editbox, but I have to go through number by number to press each digit of the passcode. It is too slow process, it is easyer then to enter my passcode through the screen of the phone. What should I do in a different way to to enter passcode with keyboard? Thanks in advance, John



Submitted by dvdmth on Friday, March 14, 2014

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I can't speak for versions before iOS 7. Under 7.0 it was possible to enter the passcode with an external keyboard, but nothing happened after entering all four digits. Under iOS 7.1 that was fixed, so now I can use my keyboard to enter my passcode without any issues. Note, however, that VoiceOver does not give any feedback during the code entry, no clicks or anything, except that it will mysteriously announce "2" after the second digit. With iOS 7 there is also the option to use handwriting mode to enter the passcode, which I find faster than using the on-screen keypad, but it isn't as convenient as the wireless keyboard.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I used to be able to do this wowith iOS 6 as well. Can you not now do this under 7.1? I don't see why not.