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Fleksy is the most fun, customizable way to type, and officially the fastest keyboard in the world. Fleksy is the only keyboard that allows you to find and send GIFs, and customize your keyboard with powerful Extensions and colorful themes. Use Fleksy Extensions like: GIFs, Hotkeys, Number Row, Cursor Control, One-Handed Typing, Imoji Stickers, Rainbow Key Pops and more • "This is much better than your standard input methods and predictive text engines." - TechCrunch POWERFUL EXTENSIONS FOR CUSTOM FUNCTIONALITY Use Fleksy Extensions to customize your keyboard with incredibly powerful features. Have more fun with the ONLY Keyboard with GIF support and great autocorrect. Control your cursor from the spacebar with Cursor Control. Make Fleksy easier to reach on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with One-Handed Typing. Or, customize Fleksy with an easy-access Number Row or keys of your choice. Fleksy gives you 3 slots FREE, so you can mix, match, and try all 7! THE FASTEST, MOST ACCURATE KEYBOARD Fleksy keyboard uses next-generation autocorrect so accurate you can type without even looking, and type with record-setting speed using intuitive gestures! Type faster and save more time for the things you love. BEAUTIFUL DESIGN. 35+ COLORFUL THEMES. 3 CUSTOMIZABLE SIZES. Show your style on Fleksy’s beautiful keyboard with over 35 free and purchasable colorful themes. Check out fan favorites like the Chameleon Theme that matches the color of the app you are in, the Frozen and Hunger Games themes, and our snazzy animated themes. TYPING THAT’S ACTUALLY FUN! Express yourself with GIFs, over 800 Emoji, 35+ themes, and Rainbow Key Pops. Then, earn fun Badges and rewards for using Fleksy! Who said typing had to be boring? MORE NATURAL GESTURES With just a swipe of your finger, easily add punctuation, space, delete words, and much more. Easy. Intuitive. Fast. WHY ARE WE BETTER THAN OTHER KEYBOARDS? • The only keyboard with custom Extensions. No keyboard is more customizable. • The only keyboard that holds a world record for typing speed. No keyboard is faster. • The best keyboard to find and send GIFs while typing. No keyboard is more fun. • The most beautiful design, custom themes, and sizes. No keyboard is more beautiful. ************************************************ MULTILINGUAL TYPING Seamlessly switch between languages while typing. Fleksy supports over 40 languages including: • English (US) • Albanian • Arabic • Bulgarian • Catalan (Spain) • Croatian • Czech • Danish • Dutch • English (AUS) • English (CA) • English (UK) • Estonian • Finnish • French (CA) • French (FR) • German • Greek • Hebrew • Hungarian • Italian • Latvian • Lithuanian • Macedonian • Malay • Norwegian • Polish • Portuguese (BR) • Portuguese (PT) • Romanian • Russian • Serbian • Slovak • Slovenian • Spanish (Latin America) • Spanish (ES) • Spanish (US) • Swedish • Tagalog • Turkish • Ukrainian Vote for your language at http://languages.fleksy.com Languages with the most votes will be released faster! LAYOUT SUPPORT QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, even DVORAK or Colemak PRIVACY Fleksy does not collect any personal data without your explicit permission. We take privacy very seriously. Happy Typing! Note - Some premium features require in-app purchase. Technical Support - Go to http://feedback.fleksy.com for technical support. Press - If you are a member of the press, write to us at press@fleksy.com.



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Submitted by flcomputergeek on Sunday, December 1, 2013

In reply to by AnonyMouse

Hi. I would normally send this sort of message directly to the fleksy support team, but I am hoping that others can benefit from my comment and any response to it from fleksy. As a blind Ipod Touch user who also has cerebral palsy, fleksy has been a lifesaver for me since the day it was released over a year ago. It allows me to quickly type notes, texts, tweets, etc.; some of the notes are very long. Like many other posters, I was disappointed to launch fleksy today and find a message that new updates were available, with the only option to go to the app store. I was taken to the app store, where I was pleased to find the newest version of fleksy. Unfortunately for me, the update says it is only compatible with devices running IOS 7 or newer. I have an Ipod Touch 4g running 6.1.5, but I clicked the update fleksy button anyhow. The app store promptly alerted me that my device is not compatible with this version of fleksy and allowed me to download the last compatible version. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to use fleksy, because I still get the alert that there are new updates in the app store upon launching fleksy, then I am taken to the fleksy page of the app store. This makes me very sad as fleksy was a huge part of my daily ipod use. It may mean that I have to shell out for a new ipod touch 5g when I have a perfectly functional ipod touch 4g right here. I hope, however, that the fleksy team will be able to release an update to fleksy that will make it useable on older devices that are not compatible with IOS 7. As I know the fleksy team monitors this forum and usually responds promptly to user feedback, I look forward to reading your response and to a solution that will enable me to use fleksy again in the near future.

Submitted by J.P. on Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm so upset with update! First ; let me say the Fleksy team is very good at listening to feedback. So I hope they listen to this! The new update is awful for a blind user. With new update, typing has to be extremely precise. Otherwise it doesn't work. The algorithm seems to have changed. You don't get as many suggestions anymore. Kind of defeats purpose for a blind user! Before anyone jumps down my throat. I know this app isn't just for the blind. However, in my opinion it is less useful to the blind user. The other really big issue is no manual capitalization. This is absolutely ridiculous. That means after I write something, it must be edited! Makes it a double process! Frankly; pointless for blind and sighted alike. To Syntelia, I understand you have to find happy medium for sighted and blind user. But the new predictive algorithm doesn't work for a blind user anymore. You have to be way too precise now. It takes away from the simplicity and effectiveness for a disabled user. I'm only blind! I don't think anyone who had cerebral paulsy could use it. I knew some who used your app regularly. Please bring back the predictive typing the blind community grew to love. Otherwise it's just another worthless typing app for the disabled community.

Submitted by J.P. on Monday, December 2, 2013

After a few people said app was working for them... I deleted and dl app again. That fixed keyboard issue. If you are having typing issues. Try a reboot!

Submitted by Monica Willyard on Monday, December 2, 2013

I agree that lack of manual capitalization is a problem. It sounds like the devs are aware of that already. I imagine they had to rush an update out to fix the time loop bug, so maybe they didn't have time to work out the capitalization issue. I got the impression from their post that it would be addressed soon.

If you normally sync your iPod with iTunes or have backed your apps up there, it's possible to solve your issue. Check your recycle bin for the app. If it's not there, look in iTunes itself under the apps section to see if it's in the list of apps. If you find it either way, you're golden. Here's how to fix it. If the app is in your recycle bin, right click or press your applications key to bring up a menu, and restore the file to its original location. Look in iTunes under the app section to make sure you see the app in the list. Delete the app on your iPod. Now sync your iPod with iTunes, and the app will return. It will be usable this way. Just don't try to update it in the future. (smile) I hope this helps. If you need better instructions, I'm Plumlipstick on Twitter and would be happy to help you get this sorted. Good luck.

I'm on iOS 6 with an iPod Touch 4. I am stuck in the update loop. This is a real drag. I'm not in the market for a new iPod, and at the moment no longer have the use of this app. I hope this too can be fixed.

Hi everyone, Now that our update of Fleksy has hit all servers worldwide, it is time to reflect on a couple of points that have been raised. Firstly - we have to apologize for the issues we had with the expiry of the previous build. This was a critical bug which caught us by surprise. We always thoroughly test every Fleksy update we issue, both in house and with a professional external QA company. Admittedly as this was a "time bomb" type bug, it was not identified in our testing. We are doing a thorough review of our testing and building processes on Monday to ensure this type of thing does not happen again, and would like to apologize for the inconvenience we caused you. We also apologize if a couple of minor issues exist in the current update due to the fact we wanted to get it out there as quickly as possible to get your Fleksy working again. We'll fix glitches in future updates, as we always do. Onto this new version, which some might notice is our 2.0 release of Fleksy. In the past year, we have received thousands of emails and suggestions from users for how to make Fleksy more useful. By far, the most popular suggestion is integrating Fleksy in other apps. We have focussed our business on this, while taking pride in providing an app that is both accessible, and universal. It's not an easy challenge. Since iOS was introduced, no keyboard company has managed to integrate on the platform - and keyboard customizations (or the lack of them) has become something of battlefield in the entire mobile platform arena. In this context, we have taken on the seemingly impossible task of being the first to do it. We are not a huge company, yet we are trying to do what companies much bigger than ours have tried and failed. But we are confident the effort is worth it. And reading the reviews from outside the English speaking world, we have thousands of people who would love the Fleksy experience in their native language. We are trying, again with a small team, to scale our technology and rapidly expand our reach. This work affects both our iOS and Android products, and we are excited to have a global view of the opportunities our technology can bring. Doing such ambitious things leads us to some interesting compromises. For example - in the old Fleksy v 1.0 application, symbols were entered by hovering to an area which is higher than the typical keyboard layout. This can't happen in other apps - other apps often have buttons and other user interface elements right above the keyboard, so we can't take more space than the standard Apple keyboard does. This is only one, tiny example of the types of things we have to carefully rethink as we want Fleksy to become more of a standard than a standalone app (and it's also one you noticed). Where we reach such compromises, we do our best to test solutions both internally, and externally including engaging with the visually impaired and AppleVis community. For sure, every change takes getting used to, especially for power users. But we try to keep everything intuitive, and to measure that it doesn't make your typing slower or less accurate once you are used to it. And, as we work on Fleksy integrations, we are also finding opportunities to improve the experience in ways that aren't even possible when we work in our own, standalone app. One of these decisions we had to make was whether we support iOS 6 or not going forward. The new iOS 7 provides some tools that are incredibly useful for integrations going forward. To put it in reverse, it would be very hard to support a lot of features, especially in the accessibility list, in a third party app integration in iOS 6. iOS 6 users are currently 5% or less of our active user base, and getting fewer by the day. This has been a much faster adoption rate than we saw from iOS 5 to iOS 6, and we were encouraged to focus our full effort to expanding Fleksy in some more languages as a more effective way to impact the biggest number of people's daily lives. We are sorry if this affects you - we will try to see if there is something we can do for those users who still rely on iOS 6 and Fleksy, especially in the accessibility community. We had hoped to spend a lot of time to explain all this to people before updating the app, but the critical bug of last week forced us to focus on getting Fleksy working again first and foremost. We are thankful we managed to get the issue sorted relatively quickly despite the holiday weekend. And thankful for the forum to come and explain these design decisions here. As always, we welcome all feedback and thank you for being part of our journey. Ioannis Fleksy team

Thank you Fleksy team for your explaination on this. Most importantly, thank you for getting out a working version to us quickly. also, thank you for reminding me that no peace of software is perfect and bugs will most likely be present. especially when an update needs to be released as soon as possible.

Hi Monica: Are you suggesting that I install the version prior to the most recent compatible one with IOS 6. I don't think that will be possible, as itunes and all my backups of the itunes app folders have the most recent IOS6 compatible version of fleksy (the infinite loop one). I regularly run CCleaner, which dumps older versions of apps from my recycle bin. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

I'm noticing that when I try typing a word manually, Fleksy frequently won't read the characters my finger is swiping over. Also in the settings, there is an option to set the keyboard orientation. By default it is set to auto. I've set my phone to be locked in portrait mode so does this setting have any effect if I do change it?

Submitted by Bill Fleksy Expert on Monday, December 2, 2013

Hey Neo, thanks for the feedback. We will be working on improving manual input in the coming updates. Regarding lock orientation, yes, that settings is intended to work independently of your iPhone's orientation lock. This means that you can have your device locked in portrait, but your Fleksy locked in landscape. - Bill

Submitted by Neo on Tuesday, December 3, 2013

That sounds good :) I have some more feedback. One other issue I've noticed when manually typing is that there's no boundary to the top characters of the keyboard so when you move your finger to the top line of the keyboard i.e. QWERTY charcters, you can keep moving your finger up the screen and it will still keep saying 'y' or 'u' etc and you still enter a character when you lift your finger which I find confusing at times as I'm used to the behaviour of the default iphone keyboard which has a set layout and size when I move my fingers across it. Are you trying to make the Fleksy keyboard as similar to the default iphone keybord? and Are the number and symbol parts of the keyboard now laid out the same as the default keyboard layout? it would be handy to have an emoji keyboard or an easy way to input smileys. Alternatively maybe have the setting of adding an optional keyboard that we can swipe with two fingers that contains a customised list of characters I personally use most often.

Submitted by Daniel on Tuesday, December 3, 2013

In reply to by Neo

Hi to the Fleksy team if you are reading this post. I am just wondering will there ever be say one final working version of Fleksy for ios6 users? You see, I have a specific reason for not updating to ios7 because of the reduce quality of the compact Daniel voice and it may impact on my hearing impairment if I do so. I know that if I update to ios7 there is no going back. I hope you can understand and appreciate my concern about my hearing impairment and of course, I use Voiceover too not forgetting that. Fleksy is my productivity app that I can't do with out on my iphone. I use it for lituarly anything to do with writing and pasting into other apps where the app requires it. So I hope you will consider or at least let us know that if at all possible you'll release say a final working version for those who are still using ios6 for own personal reasons. I would happily sacrifice the new features for a working version. I would of updated to ios7 a long time ago but what with the degraded quality of the uk compact Daniel voice this made me not do so as its the only voice I can proaply understand and I have tried all the other english voices and none of them will work for me. Looks like I'll be hanging out on ios6 until ios8 comes along. lol Seriously, I wanted to update at the time but as I relies with ios7 technology works only if it serves its purpose and meets the required needs of the individual whatever disability they have. Look forward to hearing from you guys and hopefully I can become a happy typer again on ios6

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to let you know we have some promising leads on how to restore functionality for iOS 6 devices. We are working on it and should our work be fruitful, plan to submit an update as soon as possible. Thank you for expressing your commitment to Fleksy and thank you for reaching out to us with your honest feedback. We are equally committed to supporting Fleksy for as many users as possible. We will keep updating this thread as we make progress. - Bill on behalf of the Fleksy team

Hi all, so I have finally done it updated to ios7 last night. I had to send a text to a friend and well guess I couldn't stand typing on the normal iOS keyboard. So my experience with the compact voice while yeah he has become more muffled and the like. I have found that I keep going back to him anyway. Haven't really an interest in the hq voices. So while Daniel is not as good as in ios6 he is still what I would call "intelligible" to me. Certainly room for improvements on that voice should that ever become a reality and hopefully in the form of a software update. So thats my story. Do I regret updating to ios7? As most people may probably think for me it was one of those cases where I updated and the experience afterwards was that I didn't hate the update but grew to like it the more I used it. The only gripe is the compact voice but i guess I can live with that. To end on a positive note, my favourite feature of ios7 which interestingly I haven't seen talked about much either because I don't know if its a feature where its worth mentioning or people may over look it is the ability to turn off the Voiceover sounds. For some reason they all ways got on my nerves in ios6. I'm the sort of person who juste wants to hear the information and don't need the extra sounds to let me know that I'm entering a new area of the screen. Anyway, bringing this back to Fleksy. I am glad that the team are working on an update for those who still require ios6 for whatever reasons they may be. Guess I couldn't wait any longer. lol

Submitted by Mike Taylor on Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hi there, Just to say that I agree with you, credit to all the team at fleksy for getting the update out. Regarding ios 7, I agree as well, the best thinks for me are the ability to turn off the screen sounds and control center. Mike

Submitted by flcomputergeek on Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hi Fleksy team: I am very excited to hear that you are working on restoring fleksy functionality to IOS6. Thank you for your commitment to your customers and your hard work.

I was trying to input a smiley character but Fleksy is typing full stop instead of the ':' character and it's also doing that when I try inputting ';'. It seems to be doing that with a few other characters also. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?

Submitted by Ioannis on Friday, December 13, 2013

All, We posted this on our blog yesterday, but wanted to share it specifically with the AppleVis community: 

Dec 12, 2013:

We are wrapping up one of Fleksy’s most exciting days: we just announced the first apps to implement Fleksy’s SDK and – for the first time ever – an alternate keyboard is introduced to iOS, causing a stir in the market. Our excitement was shared by The Verge, TechCrunch and Engadget, echoed by MacLife, Lifehacker, TUAW and even TIME magazine! The response from the developers’ community has been absolutely overwhelming. We never expected so many amazing apps to be interested in implementing Fleksy! Do you think Fleksy can improve the experience of your app? Let us know and we will be happy to follow up. With 5 apps, including our own Fleksy, already on the market, this is just the beginning. Our SDK, still rough around the edges, will be receiving constant updates and improvements. Please, continue sharing your feedback with us – we are working hard to polish and smooth out the Fleksy experience. Last but not least, we are aware that the transition to the Fleksy SDK has caused issues with accessibility support. You can rest assured that we are working diligently to restore full functionality and further advance our technology for the benefit of every user. Much like we have done in the past, updates will come quick, hurdles will be overcome and within no time, “Fleksy will be ready” once more. Our vision has always been to bring the best typing experience on iOS. We will do everything in our power to achieve this goal. Thank you for letting us get here, all the way to the beginning. 

Submitted by Bill Fleksy Expert on Thursday, December 19, 2013

Everyone, thank you for your patience! Just wanted to let you know first that our latest update is rolling out over the App Store. Here's the changelog: New: - iOS 6 support - Manual capitalization is back: In manual entry mode, flick up after a letter to change to upper case. Flick down for lower case - Add twitter handles and emails to the dictionary! With manual entry, type "@fleksy" and flick up like normal. Now whenever you type "fleksy", "@fleksy" will be one of the suggestions. Similarly, feedbackfleksycom will be corrected to feedback@fleksy.com Fixed: - Tamed the instructional popup - , ? ! ; : will now be read properly by VO instead of "Period" - various bugs and crashes Hint: Start your text with: M @fleksy and select Tweet from menu to send us a DM :D Known Issue: - On iOS 6, Fleksy might stop processing taps properly on app resume when VO is enabled. Workaround: Quit Fleksy from App Switcher and restart. Your text will be saved. We are working on a fix for the next update. Once again, we want to apologize for any inconvenience. We start to rebuild with this version. Looking forward to your feedback! - the Fleksy team

Submitted by DPinWI on Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm happy typing again! I have the issue where Fleksy stops working. It happens everytime I switch back to Fleksy from iCatcher. I just hear bonks and occasionally a couple spurious things. I do as you suggest, close and reopen the app, and it works fine until I switch away and back again. Thank you for bringing those of us on iOS 6 back to the Fleksy Family.

Submitted by Callum on Thursday, December 19, 2013

I've gotta say I love this update. There are many bug fixes and it seems to be more accurate when suggesting words. However, the manual typing function has been made absolutely terrible. Whenever I try and type something manually, I will move my finger around the keyboard then lift it when I hear the letter I want, but half the time it will enter a letter next to the letter I wanted, even though the focus was on the letter I wanted. For example, it took me about 5 attempts to add the @fleksy entry, because I kept getting things like glelsy, flekay or flrkst. The first time I thought I was just going too fast so I slowed down a bit, leaving a very long pause to be sure I was on the right thing and I still got those weird suggestions. Anyone else finding this?

Submitted by Seanoevil on Friday, December 20, 2013

The latest version of this great Ap is a big improvement , but, I too, am having considerable trouble trying to use the Manual Input. I have an iPhone 5 with everything up to date.

I'm also having another bug where when you first open Fleksy and nothing has been typed, it doesn't always put the first letter in capital. It can be easily edited, but just thought I'd report it. Apart from these small bugs it is a great update.

Submitted by Saqib on Friday, December 20, 2013

Hi. Fleksi stops working after I re-launch the app as it doesn't send text messages despite me hitting send. I don't hear the swish sound that confirms that the message has been sent. I have to delete the app and re-download it again just to get it to work. Once I remove it from the app switcher and launch it another time! The same bloody problem accurs and this has been happening for the last 3 versions and I've totally removed it and gone back to the native keyboard now. As soon as I select a favourite I'm taken on to the next screen and the phone freezes for a few seconds and then I'm allowed to hit send. As I've stated above! I'm then taken back to the Fleksi keyboard after hitting send and no swish sound is being made to confirm that the message has been sent. I can confirm that the message hasn't been sent as I usually check the messaging app and no updates to my messages appear. For example the last message sent.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Apart from the pending iOS 6 issues, improving manual input is also in our pipeline, as well as increasing all around app stability. Saqib, I am sorry you have been having trouble. We will extend our efforts to reproduce and eliminate this issue. Some questions to help us find it faster: Have you experienced the problem when attempting to text a recipient from the Messages option, rather than the Favorites? Any issues with the Email, Twitter of Facebook options? Are you typing in Portrait or Landscape? Any orientation locks in place? Thank you and thank you for your patience and understanding. Regards, Bill

I concur with Saqib's comments above. I have had the exact same problems; messages are never sent whenever I try using any of the menu options. To answer Bill's questions, it doesn't really make a difference either way. Using the Message option or the Favorites option, the result is the same. After Selecting either of these options, the app freezes. When it begins working again and you try and hit send, the messages just never get sent, even though you are returned to the main Fleksy keyboard screen. Of course, the text that was typed, is lost too. Very frustrating. I am using/typing in portrait, and my phone' screen lock orientation is set to portrait locked. I am using the app on an iPhone 4S, running iOS 7.0.4.

Submitted by Dave Nason on Friday, December 20, 2013

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
The messages problem doesn't seem to be universal. I'm having no problem on my iPhone 5S running iOS7.0.4

Submitted by Saqib on Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hi Bill. I am using Fleksi inn Locked portrait mode. The reason I became totally frustrated with the app is because it's a brilliant app and it's a shame that I can't use it without deleting and downloading it again. This means that I would have to add all my favorite contacts for each time I download the app.

Submitted by Bill Fleksy Expert on Monday, December 23, 2013

Thank you guys, we are in the process of zeroing in on the messaging issue. Can you give us some more information? It will help us in recreating the problem significantly. To anyone that experiences this issue, please consider replying to the following questions. Thanks! 1) Do you experience the same issue, if you disable any lock orientation on your device and Fleksy? 2) When Fleksy fails to send a message, is the message stored in the Messages app as a "Failed to send" message? 3) When the message fails to be sent, do you receive the appropriate "Failed to send" notification? 4) Is the recipient you define in the cases where Fleksy fails to send an iMessage contact? Is the address a phone number or an email address? 5) How do you add a recipient? Through the "Add contact" button or by just typing in the "To" text field? 6) Please share with us the iOS version and device you experience the issue on. 7) When, approximately, was the first time you experienced this issue? Thank you for your patience! Regards, Bill

Submitted by Daniel on Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In reply to by Bill Fleksy Expert

Hi everyone, using the latest version of Fleksy running an iPhone 5 with IOS7.0.4 I am noticing the following. Basically, in ios6 I was able to use the raise to speak feature with my hand to review what I have written. Now as of the latest versions of the above app and operating system I am no longer able to do this. It will work once maybe twice but rarely does it go above two times. What happens is that I put my hand just above the speaker grill and nothing happens. I have to issue the swipe up with two fingers to show the menu command and then Voiceover will read aloud what I have typed. Just wanted to report this and to see if I'm the only one having this strange bug. Apart from this though am happy with the latest update. Although, I wish there were more choices to choose from it seems to be that you have to be a bit more accurate now to get your desired word. Oh well. I'm sure this will be address in time but just wanted to report that raise to speak bug out there. Thanks Daniel

Submitted by Samuel J on Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bill, Here are the answers to the questions that you asked: 1) Do you experience the same issue, if you disable any lock orientation on your device and Fleksy? Answer: Yes 2) When Fleksy fails to send a message, is the message stored in the Messages app as a "Failed to send" message? Answer: No, there's nothing in the messages app. Like, there was no activity in that conversation thread 3) When the message fails to be sent, do you receive the appropriate "Failed to send" notification? Answer: No. As mentioned above, it doesn't even seem to recognize/register the fact that an attempt was made to send a message. The iOS sound that usually accompanies any message when it is sent, is also not played. 4) Is the recipient you define in the cases where Fleksy fails to send an iMessage contact? Is the address a phone number or an email address? Answer: I have only tried phone numbers. Both iMessage and non-iMessage contacts 5) How do you add a recipient? Through the "Add contact" button or by just typing in the "To" text field? Answer: Typing in the text field, flicking right to locate the appropriate person and double tapping the name/number of the contact. 6) Please share with us the iOS version and device you experience the issue on. Answer: iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.4 7) When, approximately, was the first time you experienced this issue? Answer: As of version 2.0.1. That is, ever since the rushed update was released, with all the new changes

Submitted by Samuel J on Thursday, January 9, 2014

I also want to reiterate the point made by a few people in the above comments; manual input is really really difficult in this version of the app. It takes me multiple attempts to enter a word manually. Even though I enter the correct letters/characters, when I swipe to the right, the output is different from what I entered. More often than not, it ends up being jibberish. It takes me a lot of attempts to try and manually enter a word. I must admit, I have barely been successful in manually entering a word correctly in this version of the app.

Submitted by Ioannis on Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just wanted to confirm that a fix to the manual input problem is coming soon. Thanks!

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Friday, January 31, 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Please remember that you will want to use the Fleksy VO - For VoiceOver users instead since that will give you a better experience with VoiceOver. In the meantime this app will continue to be reviewed so we can correctly reflect the accessibility of this app. What's New in Version 2.2 - Introducing 4 new colorful themes as an in-app purchase! - Bugfixes

Submitted by sockhopsinger on Friday, January 31, 2014

Just for grins and giggles, I downloaded the normal Fleksy version update. I can tell you that it is definitely not accessible now. It might read the keys, but it is more like typing on the iOS keyboard now. If people want to use Fleksy, they will definitely need to download the VO version. Should accessibility information be updated in the main app description? Right now, this version says that it is fully accessible and easy to navigate and use. That is no longer the case with this version. Just my thoughts.

Submitted by Ro on Friday, January 31, 2014

I know we have our own version and I'm grateful for that but this still makes me sad. We're separated *again*. Oh well haha.

Submitted by David Goodwin👨‍🦯 on Friday, January 31, 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In reply to by sockhopsinger

As sockhopsinger has already said, the latest release of Fleksy is unusable with VoiceOver. I’ve updated the app’s entry accordingly. So, if you haven’t already done so, you should now make the switch to Fleksy VO, the recently released edition of Fleksy specifically for VoiceOver users.

Submitted by alex wallis on Friday, January 31, 2014

Hmm, I haven't been offered the new update, but I am using the version of fleksy specifically for VoiceOver users anyway. It really does feel like we are getting treated differently to sighted counterparts with recent fleksy updates, the fleksy team was quite happy to use us to fill there piggy bank when they first started out, for which I still think we should receive a refund, not that that is going to happen, but anyway it does seem like they are concentrating on eye candy now for there majority sighted users.

Sadly I agree with you. I paid gladly to help a new project that was growing, and now blind and sighted are again separated. Yes, the app layout is the same, tapping and writing much faster than before. It was presented as a way of aproaching blindness to sightness, in terms of writing, but now there are two different apps. I honestly don't want a refund, I want equality.

Submitted by Ioannis on Friday, January 31, 2014

Hi everyone, We appreciate your concerns and feedback regarding Fleksy VO. We are always listening to our users and making improvements based on the feedback. We discussed the reasons why we launched Fleksy VO in a blog post and we encourage anyone who hasn’t read it to please check it out: http://fleksy.com/blog/clarification-of-fleksy-vo-for-ios/ We also discussed this topic on a SeroTalk podcast recently and we encourage everyone to listen to our COO, Ioannis, discuss Fleksy VO. Here’s a link to the podcast: http://serotalk.com/2014/01/30/serotalk-podcast-185-get-a-job-hippie/

Submitted by Ioannis on Friday, January 31, 2014

In reply to by Ioannis

Hi there, I think it's about time we go on record and respond to the Accessibility community about Fleksy VO, the Fleksy Keyboard app, our SDK, and all the concerns we have been receiving about our commitment for accessibility. Rather than writing another, more extensive blog post, we think it is better to go on record and answer your questions directly. We are arranging an interview with Jonathan Mosen, and are encouraging all participants of this forum to send him questions for us via the form at mosen.org. We have asked for a challenging interview, and we hope it will help explain a lot of things to the accessibility community, which we have sadly upset. Please watch this forum for details of when this will air, and send Mr Mosen your questions for me. Thanks Ioannis Founder and COO @fleksy

Submitted by alex wallis on Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hi, although the podcast on the future of fleksy has been out for a while I noticed that there was no link to it in the comments on the fleksy keyboard app itself, and thought I would post a link to it hear just for completeness. The podcast description says In our first episode of Talking Apps, we’re joined by the CEO of a company that develops an app widely used by VoiceOver users on iOS. Fleksy is a keyboard whose word prediction algorithm can speed up text input on iOS dramatically, for blind and sighted users alike. But recently, some decisions the company has taken have caused lively debate among its blind users. In this episode, Fleksy’s CEO, Ioannis Verdelis, talks candidly about the decisions the company has taken, the rationale behind them, and lessons learned for the future. the link to the podcast is below, please note that after clicking the link you may have to tap a button to start playing it, as you see two buttons on the screen which rather helpfully and ironically are not labelled so jaws just reads them as button I found I had to tap the first button. The link to the podcast is http://www.appcessible.net/talking-apps-podcast-episode-1-fleksy-2/ I think this will be an interesting podcast to follow as it is going to interview different developers of accessible apps.

Submitted by Ken Downey on Sunday, March 2, 2014

I need you to post it again, because when I tried to follow the link, it's had the page cannot be found.

Submitted by alex wallis on Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hi I have edited my original post to show a new link I don't know what was wrong with the first one I posted. I haven't been able to work out how you would download a podcast from the site, I was only able to get it to stream online. The link I put in my edited post is http://www.appcessible.net/talking-apps-podcast-episode-1-fleksy-2/

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Before anyone ask. No, they have not updated the VO edition to include these fantastic new options. Can't wait until they are! Maybe, it is in the works and the VO edition will be next? As they have promised they will not leave us behind! As of this writing we are still at v1.9.2. So this being the v3.0 release. Can't wait! Plus, in their interview they promised to have us back with the original  Fleksy in a 6 months period. So only 5 more months!
What's New in Version 3.0

We are very happy to release our latest major number update!

Fleksy is now available in over 50 apps on iOS! Select "Apps with Fleksy" from the menu to find them all.

Fleksy 3.0 Changelog

* Support for 8 New Languages!
- Italian
- German
- French
- Russian
- Portuguese
- Dutch
- Turkish
- Greek
* Improved Accuracy
* Copy & Clear option in menu
* New toggles in Settings
- Autocorrect Off
- Fast Delete
* Bug fixes

Thanks for your support and feedback, please keep letting us know what you think!


Submitted by Wahid Raza on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hi all It seems that fleksy teem has made mager update We are very happy to release our latest major number update! Fleksy is now available in over 50 apps on iOS! Select "Apps with Fleksy" from the menu to find them all. Fleksy 3.0 Changelog INTRODUCING * Support for 8 New Languages! - Italian - German - French - Russian - Portuguese - Dutch - Turkish - Greek * Improved Accuracy * Copy & Clear option in menu * New toggles in Settings - Autocorrect Off - Fast Delete * Bug fixes Thank for your support and feedback, please keep letting us know what you think! Happy Typing! Team Fleksy

Submitted by alex wallis on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I have installed the update, even though I know its useless to us as VoiceOver users. I found that letters don't seem to read like the ios keyboard as happened in the old version. However, in the settings the option to set orientation to lock in landscape seems to have vanished, can anyone else confirm this? still its encouraging that letters no longer read.

Submitted by Ioannis on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just to confirm our tweet from earlier today, before the noise on all the other updates: "@fleksy: Voiceover users: Our SDK’s accessibility is making strides. We are halfway there." You may have missed it with all the noise of our app updates, but we've been working really hard to deliver everything we've promised, on schedule or faster. Thanks, Ioannis and the Fleksy team.

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