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I am going to finally upgrade my phone this week to one of the new 5 series iphones. I remember hearing that any new iphone will come pre-loaded with the apple pages, numbers, etc. suite of programs. My concern is that I currently do not have these installed or purchaced for my current iphone. Am I going to lose these apps when I restore my settings? My wife just upgraded to a brand new 5 c and ran her restore but the apps I'm asking about do not seem to be present. If there could be a problem losing the apps, I'd like to know before I just jump in and hit restore.



Submitted by Dave Nason on Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Hi Michael. No there shouldn't be any issue with that. Firstly, pre-loaded apps are there on the phone no matter what. The restore just restores settings and apps that you had downloaded from the App Store. Secondly, the Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps are not actually pre-loaded, but they are made available for free from the App Store when you set up on a new device. The first time you open the App Store on the new phone, you should be presented with a dialogue box with a list of all these free apps, which also includes iBooks, Podcasts, iMovie, iPhoto and possibly one or two others. This dialogue box has a "Download All" button. Alternatively, you can dismiss the dialogue box and simply search for the individual apps that you want to download from the list. If you do not get this list of apps, I'd say you can just do a search for each of them individually too. Their price should show as "Free". Hope that helps.