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How do you set up a Mac to run Voiceover at the login prompt when the system boots up? I thought it was under system preferences and accounts, but I'm not seeing any settings related to Voiceover. I've gone into the accessibility dialogue and made sure that Voiceover is enabled, as another post asking the same question suggests, but that doesn't do the trick. Any help is appreciated.



Submitted by Tyler on Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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If you are using OS X Snow Leopard, 10.6 or earlier, this is called accounts. If you are using OS X Lion, 10.7 or later, this is called users and groups. Both do the same. In either, follow these steps. 1. Navigate to the lock, spoken as, "Click the lock to make changes," and enter your password. 2. Navigate to, "Users, groups, and login options," immediately to the right of the toolbar. 3. Interact with this element using VO shift downarrow, and arrow to login options. 4. Stop interacting with VO shift uparrow and select the checkbox, "Use Voiceover in the login window." Sorry if this is too wordy or detailed.