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Well, the subject says it all. I currently have sixty-five games, all of which are playable and nearly all totally accessible. The remaining fifteen games in the count are completely accessible, and I do not have them now either because I've beaten them or because they are just too big to keep on the phone most of the time. This count doesn't include the fun little things like the gigglestick and rainstick apps I have, because they aren't games. There are some really big gaps i really wish would get filled in for us. The first, as we've mentioned before, is the sports genre. I'd love a baseball game where I could swing at a pitch and maybe, smash a scoreboard or a car like in Bigs Baseball for the Wii. I'd also like a real racing game where we not only drive, but compete with other cars to reach the finish line as in Pole Position or the original Mach1 by Jim Kitchen. Finally, and this is what I really have been missing, are puzzler games like JawBreaker, Crazy Bubbles and so on.



Submitted by daz on Tuesday, November 26, 2013

hi ken, fancy giving us a list of games you've got then? 80 games got to be something i like in among all that lot!

Audiogames: Aurifi, Pingpong Samurai, escape the house, sixthsense, audio invaders, sound smash, echo hear to play, formel 1 spirit, sonic tennis, swing tennis, audio ring, (not very accessible but still playable with patience,) the freQ, RJDJ, trippy rplay, dimensions and inceptions, though most might say that only Dimensions qualifies as a game though I would disagree, Surround U, Wame, Hearstrike, Ear Monsters, mouse kick, FREEQ, Music and The Game, neither of which is at all accessible but are such cool concepts i still poke around at them, Waudio, (guess the sound,) wasp, (not really an audio game but uses audio panning, kind of like Ear Monsters but not as accessible and much harder,) Music Ball, Zany touch, phone slam, Ocarina 2, Match Music, Dice World, RoboE, Song Guru, Glow, Lost Cities, Smack me, king's corner, zombies run, one foundation, word warp X, Chess wise, checker wise, online chess, sudoku4all, stem stumper, naval combat, cribbage pro, shredder lite, hangman, in reverse, (a karioke party game,) Quento, Solara, Minesweeper, voice BJ, (blackjack,) iSamurai, fighter city, iYacht, (yachtzee,) sing sports, Flip it, pig_dice, sphere, tic tac toe with friends, iPeg free, emojigram, video poker, domino theory, Mankala fs5, Touch Tennis, iBasketball, iBowl, Catagugl, Hack Run free, Brainbow numbers, six numbers, and GXVR, (neither of which work right for me.) The games I don't currently have installed are the Papa Sangre games, Nightjar, Inquisitor, Hanging with Friends, Dice with Buddies, Lords and Nights, Hatchi, Erncon, and probably a few more I can't think of. I would say that considering the Zynga games, I have to up the count to 82.

Hey, this list is great, but for some of these games I think you might want to supply the app link or for everyone add it to the games list on this site. For instance when you type in Glow; you get a giant list of games with that word in the title and the same with several of the others. Thanks and happy thanksgiving!

I'm up to 109 games now, but that's not Wame writing. The main reason that I'm writing is that Aurifi, which didn't work very well and 5.1 and iOS 6, works very well on iOS 7. The only problem I'm having with it is that sometimes it crashes when I shake the phone for the shaky command… Other than that though, no crashes it all! This is my favorite game on the App Store, and I think it's my favorite audio game overall. I love this

Submitted by Kelly Sapergia on Sunday, December 15, 2013

I agree about the comment asking for links to some of these apps. I was wondering what Video Poker game was being refered to? When I did a search for it, I got tons of results, and I don't want to try all of them to see how accessible they are. Specific titles are always appreciated.

Well, I was writing a short list and not a paper… But TheGame you're asking about his video poker. It and Emojigram were both written by a company called everybody HZ. They're both excessible, but Emojigram is a little more interesting than video poker. By the way, have just finished consolidating all my folders into one huge game folder, and there are a hundred 13 of them. Of course, if you want to consider all the games Frotz can play… There are thousands of games played on iOS. If you have it any other questions about games, let me know. I've submitted some to the app directory, and I'll submit more eventually.

Hello Which Naval combat do you have? I think that it will take much time, but it will be very nice if you share this list with each link to the appstore in order to get the exact game you have, cause there might be many games with the same name on the appstore and it will be very difficult for us to get the correct one. Anyway thanks!!

Submitted by Ahmed Hamdy on Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I use the American appstore, I didn't find most of these games on the appstore, like Formel 1 spirit, is this on other stores?

Submitted by Blind I Am on Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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It looks like Formel1 Spirit has been removed from the App Store. The developer’s website is still live, but the app itself appears not to be. Here’s the dev’s website: http://www.formel1spirit.com/

Submitted by Khalfan Bin Dhaher on Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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It seems that PingPong Samurai has also been removed from the AppStore. I've been searching for the game and didn't find any result.

Submitted by Melissa Roe on Sunday, July 21, 2019

Hello everyone,
First off, I’ve looked up and down for games like Jeopardy and Press Your Luck, but I have yet to find a version that is accessible. As for these other games, wow, you have quite an extensive list Ken. I’m curious though, are games like naval combat, Zany touch, and Aurify getting updates? I had to delete so many of those apps from my phone a few years ago because they quit working. I’m reluctant to let go of Lost cities, because I still can play that game. Have some of these apps been updated to 64-bit versions? I know there was a big discussion of what apps would work on the phone when we went to 64-bit apps, so I was wondering if any of these games have any life left in them. That would be a fun voice chat discussion, discuss the apps of days gone by, like flipzu and papaya broadcastor. Stem stumper was also another favorite of mine, but I didn’t think it still worked. One app I’m really sad about is the game words with friends, which used to be hanging with friends remember? I loved that game and I could play with any member of my facebook wordsmiths club, but I can o longer play it because they’ve made it so inaccessable. Please tell me that some of these audio games have been updated like aurify or stem stumper, and I’d gladly redownload and play away. I have played naval combat recently, but it’s too laggy.

Happy gaming, everyone!