No face reporting when taking photos on iPhone5S and latest iOS7?

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Hi, when using the camera on my iPhone5 with latest iOS update VO does not speak the number of faces and their position in the picture. It did so on my old iPhone4. I hear "Autofocus" but that's it. Anyone else with this problem? /Roland



Submitted by Serena on Sunday, October 27, 2013

hi. i don't have either of those devices, i have a 5 only. but i have had reports from somebody who played with a 5s, and said the same as you. so no, you aren't alone with that one. seems like apple have messed a few things up in ios, i various devices.

Submitted by Bobcat on Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My 5s does not report faces either with VO. I'm quite disappointed. What is this called in the manual for earlier versions of IOS or earlier devices? I want to do a web search about the feature or the lack of. This is my first Apple device.

Hi I have using an iPhone 5S and I have seen this voiceOver bug too, this voiceOver issue affect both laters iPhone devices I talking about iPhone 5S and 5C. I tryed to take a picture using an iPhone 4S running iOS7.03 and automatic reclinize the faces using voiceOver I hope apple works and fix this bug on the later iOS update`

Submitted by LaBoheme on Tuesday, December 10, 2013

since you specifically mentioned iphone5, i can confirm it does work on mine. note that face detection only works in the regular photo mode and not other modes like square or panorama. you can also try zooming in using the zoom rotor, this will make the face)s) larger. the problem with zooming in is that photos taken this way will not say number of faces when you try to review the photos you took.